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LIBERTY — The Unity Spiritual Centre, 1226 Naylor Lloyd Road, will host a medicine wheel ceremony at 12:30 pm Sunday and Oct. 9.

Kimberly Ford of Niles, ceremony facilitator, said the medicine wheel is a sacred stone circle, a hoop of creation, to gather in ceremony to cleanse, clear, give offering and blessing and take time to connect to the energy of the universe.

Participants will have the opportunity to take part in drumming and use other musical instruments as part of the ceremony.

“The medicine wheel is an ancient and powerful symbol used by the Native Americans for various spiritual and ritual purposes,” Ford said.

She said the most famous is located in the Bighorn National Forest in Wyoming and is designated a National Historic Monument.

Ford said the medicine wheel represents the “hoop of all life” as people come together and reflect.

“We not only feel our own individual expressions but also our part in the universe,” she said.

Ford said the ceremony helps offer guidance and healing, and serves as an avenue for being with nature and respecting the community of life itself.

People also can meditate and walk the different corners of the circle.

Ford said participants can do a cleansing with music and meditation.

The medicine wheel was added and dedicated on the center grounds a few years ago.

She said the various stones in the circle have different meanings, and a book is provided that indicates what each stone means.

The sacred stones represent all of creation and the center stone is the creator stone. The stones surrounding the creator are Mother Earth, Father Sun, Grandmother Moon, the four clans: Turtle, Frog, Thunderbird and Butterfly.

“You can learn what stone you were born under, what animal, what quadrant, and may other useful information.. This is a very unique and dynamic experience,” she said.

Ford said she notices when she goes to local pow-wows, the hearts of the participants are very strong.

She said for Sunday, which is Sept. 11, there will be a commemoration of the Native Americans with a special prayer and offering to them.

Carie Terrago of Boardman, who heard about the medicine wheel from Ford, said it is a calming event and helps provide a closer connection to the spirit for her.

“I enjoy the meditation the most,” she said.

Colleen Kucyk of Cortland said she takes part because of the peacefulness, meditation and spirituality of the native influence.

“I was involved in the medicine wheel a few years back. I have a medical background, and I like being connected. I like being able to walk around the wheel and relax,” Kucyk said.

The medicine wheel is open to the public. For information, call 330-539-0122.


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