Uncover your canine’s genetic origin with this DNA check

Wolf DNA? Coyote? They call it!

May 12, 2021 Updated: May 12, 2021 2 p.m.



Your puppy is like any other family member to you. You love them like a child, especially because they can’t talk like a real child. You are the best listeners out there – when you look deep into those soulful canine eyes you are bursting with joy and love. But if you live in California, the chances are your fur baby will be adopted. If this is the case with you, then you should take pride in helping your community and animal livelihoods. However, sometimes problems can arise that can affect you and change their lifespan if you do not know your dog’s health.

You see, every puppy has a completely unique genetic makeup, especially when it comes to exercise and diet. Just as you have food sensitivities or intolerances based on your heritage, your dog will have similar tendencies. But they can’t tell you that something is wrong! This is why the Wolf & Canid Hybrid Testing Kit is so revolutionary. This kit enhances your dog’s unique genetic makeup so you can put him in the best health of his life.

This amazing little kit will test your pup for wolf or coyote hybrids in your dog and determine what breeds they are. To start, simply dab your pet’s cheeks with the sterile applicator provided, send it in and receive your results in a maximum of 2 weeks. This test is simple, painless, and takes less than 2 minutes. The results are 99.97% accurate. Not only will you finally get to know your pet’s breeds, but you’ll also know if they are mixed with a wolf or coyote.

The Wolf & Canid Hybrid Testing Kit is typically $ 89, but for a limited time, it’s only available for $ 69.99, which is a 22% off.

Subject to price changes.

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