Two new canine parks open on South Facet with deal with neighborhood well being

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SAN ANTONIO – Two new dog parks have opened on the south side and Councilor Rebecca Viagran hopes it will promote the health of the population.

“I think one thing the pandemic taught us is that we need to refocus and reinvest in our own public health,” Councilor Viagran said.

One of Viagran’s key initiatives for District Three was the health of the South Side residents.

“When people are physically healthy, so is the entire economy and the entire city,” she said.

When Viagran took office in 2013, she knew she had to help the South Side reduce obesity and diabetes rates.

A study showed that residents of the South Side were hospitalized for diabetes much more frequently than other parts of San Antonio, so much of the investment in Viagran’s capital project has focused on improving the outdoor areas in the district.

The aim of the project investments is to provide residents with safe spaces and to encourage them to be active in their neighborhood.


“It’s about investing in our creek trails, hiking and biking trails in the city,” said Viagran. “We put more dollars into this and more than 15 miles. Extra miles since I’ve been in office for our hiking and biking trails so it was pretty amazing. “

The two new dog parks opened in Kingsborough Park near Kingsborough Middle School and Pleasanton Road. There are now three dog parks in the district.

Viagran says when she started serving on the city council in 2013, her district ran out of dog parks until she helped open the first dog park in the district that year at South Lions Park.

She also pushed for healthy corner stores in Viva San Antonio – a project that will help bring affordable products to eight South Side stores – in neighborhoods where there are no grocery stores nearby.

The need for safer, healthier options were things their residents wanted. She hopes the trend of investing in community health can continue when she leaves office in June.


“You see things move forward. They stay engaged and I think that’s what I’m most proud of that they see the power in their voice. “

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