Twitch referred to as on to ban channel of cat breeder accused of animal abuse

The Twitch channel, Adorable_Kittens, which broadcasts livestreams of cats, has been criticized on social media and has asked the platform to suspend the account after a lawsuit against the cattery for “cruelty to animals and selling sick kittens” was filed.

A Florida cattery called “Adorable Kittens” who breeds and sells Scottish Fold and British Kittens lets the animals play, feed and sleep on her Twitch channel.

In October 2020, Twitch streamer Destiny claimed that another streamer, Alisha12287, was banned because “[Adorable Kittens] Attorney sent Twitch a letter and had her banished. That’s why their stream is banned right now. “

Alisha said Twitch had not given a specific reason for their ban, but said she was emailed a “specific company” that “boasted” that they were the reason for their ban , They used a lawyer to shut up. “

YouTube: AlishaAlisha made a statement after it was rumored that she was forbidden to talk about a “kitten mill”.

The channel, previously called adorablestars, changed its name to ‘Adorable_Kittens’. It currently has over 116,000 followers and is a partner account.

On May 3rd, Twitch streamer Yabbe appealed to Twitch: “Please review the evidence presented and stop a dangerous kitten mill advertised freely on your website.”

@twitch @TwitchSupport They ban and suspend people for human abuse and abuse allegations. Why is it different? Please look at the evidence presented and stop allowing a dangerous kitten mill to advertise freely on your website.

– Yabbe (@ImYabbe) May 4, 2021

Yabbe was linked to a February press release from the Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF) confirming that he was filing a lawsuit against Orlando-based kitten breeder and seller Adorable Stars on behalf of three people who had purchased kittens from the breeder had submitted.

“The plaintiffs bring contractual and tort claims and allege that the defendants are involved in animal cruelty and neglect, as well as in the illegal practice of unlicensed veterinary medicine.”

In addition to numerous pictures of allegedly ill and abused cats and kittens, the press release states: “Kittens sold by Adorable Stars were found covered with ringworms, fleas and parasites and suffer from infections of the upper respiratory tract and panleucopenia in cats, among other things.”

Press release of the ALDF lawsuit

The Frequently Asked Questions about the Adorable Kittens website states, “All kittens will leave with a health certificate. With the health certificate that kittens were examined by a veterinarian, their vaccine was done and tests with negative results were done to be healthy for a new home. “

A copy of an Outstanding Cattery Certificate from TICA (The International Cat Association) is also displayed on the website after an inspection by licensed veterinarian Pedro Santiago, DVM, on September 24th, 2020.

However, a customer who claims to have bought a cat from the later deceased breeder found an arrest certificate listing charges for forging a veterinary certificate. The arrest took place in 2018.

Arrest Protocol

Twitch has not responded to calls on social media to reconsider its partnership with the broadcaster. Twitch does not comment on violations of community guidelines to respect user privacy.

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