Tucker Carlson rant claims cat cafes are worse for America than white supremacy

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Fox News’ Tucker Carlson further downplayed the threat posed by extremist conservatives in a recent episode of his show, suggesting “cat cafes” are more dangerous to the health of the country than white supremacists.

During his Tuesday show, Mr. Carlson openly asked, “Does anyone in power really believe that what they call ‘white supremacy’ is the greatest threat to America? No, of course not, nobody thinks that.”

Mr. Carlson is lying to his audience. Data collected by the FBI describes white supremacists in the United States as “the greatest threat” to Americans, and Mr. Carlson is aware of this report.

“The greatest threat we face [domestic violent extremists] continue to be the ones we identify as racially or ethnically motivated violent extremists (RMVEs), especially those who advocate white supremacy, ”FBI Director Chris Wray said during a Senate Judicial Committee hearing in March.

Mr Carlson then claimed that black lawmakers like Susan Rice and former President Barack Obama “know it is not true” and accused them of being the “architects” of the supposed lie.

“They understand very well what actually threatens America because they saw it up close. It’s the culture that created them,” said Carlson.

He suggested that “the decadent rich folks in their class at Harvard” were the ones who threatened America. Mr. Carlson’s distrust of the elite is hypocritical considering he grew up in one of the chicest parts of San Diego, overlooked his childhood home a tennis club, and spent most of his youth in boarding schools.

He didn’t stop there.

“It’s the Gender Studies Party in Cornell. It’s the cat cafes in Austin and Asheville. It’s Monday’s editorial meetings in Atlantic Magazine,” he grumbled. “These are the people who actually loathe the country. It is they who work all night to destroy it.”

The story goes on

Mr. Carlson suggests that liberals – and apparently people who like cats – want to destroy America in a fire of pronouns and derisive editorials.

However, Mr Carlson could have made this clear without downplaying the threat the nation faces from white supremacists. He did not. He deliberately used his rant to reassure his readers that other conservatives they know might be racists or bigots are not the real threat to their country’s well-being.

Although Mr. Carlson has long been criticized for his racial rhetoric, he has increasingly defended white supremacists since the January 6th uprising in the Capitol.

Last month, Carlson essentially advocated the on-air “Great Replacement” theory advocated by white nationalists and other conservative extremists, claiming that Democrats – or other liberals – were trying to fill the country with immigrants from “third world” countries to fill “to replace the white people as the nation’s majority demographic voter.

The belief has been the root of violent racist attacks and mass murders in the US and around the world.

“I know the left and all those little goalkeepers on Twitter literally get hysterical when you use the term ‘substitute’ when you suggest that the Democratic Party try to get the current electorate – the voters who are now voting – through to replace new people – more obedient third world voters, “Carlson said. “But they get hysterical because that’s exactly what is happening. Let’s just say it. That’s right.”

Jonathan Greenblatt, director of the Anti-Defamation League, described Mr Carlson’s segment as “an indefinite endorsement of the ideology of the white supremacists” and called on Fox News to fire him.

Earlier, Mr. Carlson defended the Capitol insurgents, claiming there was “no evidence that white supremacists were responsible for what happened on January 6th”.

Mr. Carlson’s show is consistently the most watched cable newscast in the United States.

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