Tubby the chubby Jack Russell and 10 other cute dogs looking for homes

Greenacres Rescue and Animal Rescue Cymru in Haverfordwest are working hard to rehabilitate rescue dogs so you can re-house them.

You are looking for patient and loving owners for the dogs, many of whom have not had the easiest start in life.

They need adoptive parents who make their rescue dogs the center of their world and who take the time to learn about their quirks and needs.

From three unclaimed strays to a chubby Jack Russell Terrier – affectionately known as Tubby – all of the dogs listed below have individual requirements.

If you’re thinking of getting another dog, why not bring in a rescue dog?

Greenacre’s rescue

Kim – three year old border collie

Kim has gained confidence since his rescue

Kim’s confidence has grown by leaps and bounds since joining Greenacres Rescue.

She arrived nervous, unsure how to react to new people and situations.

Through positive reinforcement and the bond that Kim and Greenacres established, she has become happier and more relaxed.

She seeks a reasonable and patient home with no pressure so she can relax at her own pace.

Kim can only be with older children or adults and is picky about dogs. Meetings with other dogs would be arranged prior to adoption to assess compatibility.

Tubby – eight year old Jack Russell Terrier

Tubby the Jack Russell

Tubby the Jack Russell

Tubby is a real cartoon character who plays a big role in every home. It came into the care of Greenacres after its owner’s health deteriorated and he could no longer take care of him.

Tubby is looking for a home with terrier experience. He has lived with other dogs before, but should not be relocated with cats or other small animals. Children over 10 are fine.

Rory – nine year old Jack Russell crosses Chihuahua

Rory is a small dog

Rory has lived with children and small dogs before

Rory is an adorable and friendly dog ​​who is looking for a companion.

He has lived with both dogs and children so fits into most families. This sociable guy would be the perfect friend for someone with a little company.

Bruce – four-year hybrid

Bruce is a mixed breed dog

Bruce is a four or five year old hybrid

Little is known about Bruce’s past, but the rescue home believes he could be a German Shepherd crossbreed. He arrived in Greenacres worried and afraid of the world and gradually built trust.

He has established a routine with the staff and learned to trust his surroundings.

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He needs a patient home that takes the time to teach Bruce that he is safe and able to relax. This must be done gradually as he is still afraid of strangers.

He needs a patient, adult, pet-free home where he is the focus.

Joey – six year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Joey, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Joey came into the care of Greenacres as an unclaimed stray dog

Joey came to Greenacres as an unclaimed stray – brought in by a local dog guard and never claimed by an owner.

He was underweight, but the rescue center helped him improve his health quickly.

Joey will need a pet-free home as he has difficulty getting in touch with dogs or cats, but he is friendly and calm and takes training well. Teenagers or an adult-only home is preferred.

Fletch – four year old Lurcher

Fletch is a lurcher

Fletch was another unclaimed stray dog ​​that came into Greenacre’s care

Fletch was another unclaimed stray dog ​​taken in by Greenacres Animal Rescue. Although his story is unknown, he is cute and kind, so will make a good pet.

He gets along well with dogs, but needs a cat-free home. His adopted child has to be patient while Fletch comes out of his bowl.

Marley – 10 year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Marley the Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Marley is an elderly man looking for a retirement home

Marley is an older gentleman even though he doesn’t look like it! He is very easy going, walks well on a leash and is calm and friendly to everyone and other animals.

He has lived with cats and children before, but Greenacres would prefer if he was adopted by an elderly person or an elderly couple to enjoy his twilight years.


Archie is a crossbreed

Archie has an unmatched zest for life and a lot of love to give away

Archie was also an unclaimed stray dog, but Greenacres has suggested he is roughly six years old and a cross between a Staffordshire Bull Terrier and a Wirehaired Pointer. He is sporty, charismatic and excited.

He can come across as cautious the first time you meet, but once he’s warmed up for you, he’s almost over the top! He needs loving demarcation, but responds well to training.

Archie needs a cat-free home with older children and can live with other dogs.

You can find more information about these dogs here.

Animal Rescue Cymru

Sonny – four year old border collie

Sonny - four year old border collie

Sonny – four year old border collie

Sonny is a nervous boy who relaxes while settling into an eternal home. He was resumed through no fault of his own.

Sonny is looking for an active home with people who travel a lot.

He fights with males and is picky about females. It would be best if he would go to an all-women refuge.

Cassie – eight year old Patterdale crossbred Lakeland Terrier

Cassie the Terrier

Cassie, Patterdale Cross Lakeland Terrier, enjoys the comfort of her home

Cassie is a very kind, loyal and loving girl who enjoys the comfort and food of home.

She tends to guard her home and barks at passers-by, so she would prefer a rural setting.

She should go to an adult-only home with no other animals in a rural setting with room to run and play. She can be unpredictable when out walking and around other dogs, so she should be muzzled in public places.

Tizzy – seven year old French Bulldog Crossbreed

Tizzy is a French Bulldog crossbreed

Tizzy, a French Bulldog hybrid, will make a lovely family pet

Tizzy is a friendly girl who is looking for a home with plenty of time to exercise and play. She is easily overweight, so she needs a conscientious owner to keep her slim and healthy. She knows the basic commands, but has to get used to being on a leash.

Tizzy can live with children, other dogs, and cats. She is kind and just wants someone who loves her and gives her a lot of attention.

You can find more information about these dogs here.

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