3 cats who recently received medical treatment under the care of the RSPCA Isle of Wight are now looking for their perfect homes.

Former exhibition cat Tiger Lily Tagula (TLT) and street cats Dawson and Creed are recovering at the Godshill Animal Rescue Center after receiving technical care from the Isle of Wight animal welfare organization.

TLT, a champion show cat, led a pampered life and was very much loved and cared for by its owners. Unfortunately, she was involved in a traffic accident and sustained serious injuries that resulted in the amputation of her tail.

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Since her human companion was unable to cover medical expenses and continue to care for her, she was placed in the care of the RSPCA, which helped her on her way to recovery. Although TLT is still taking several medications for her injuries, she is now really on the mend and ready to return home.

Dawson and Creed were both street cats discovered by members of the public who were concerned about their health. Both were taken to the charity’s Godshill Animal Rescue Center, where Dawson arrived through a local vet.


Both also urgently needed veterinary treatment and specialist care from RSPCA staff who are nursing the couple back to health. With the treatment and care provided by the center’s dedicated staff and volunteers, the two recover and are ready to move into their “Furr-Ever” homes.

Suzanne Pugh, Branch Manager at RSPCA Isle of Wight said:

“These three cats, although from very different backgrounds, all receive the same compassionate care from our charity. They are beautiful animals and are now looking for new homes to feel safe and loved in.

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“All animals brought into the care of the RSPCA receive health checks as well as operations and treatments if necessary. We rely on the generosity of donations to carry out our work and are very grateful for the support we continue to receive from members of the public.

“The cost of restoring these three cats to health was over £ 2,000. That’s why we continue to appeal to people to support us in our important work by making donations, helping our charity shops reopen, or organizing a fundraiser event for the animals. “

RSPCA Isle of Wight is an independent, registered charity based on the island that relies on donations for its animal welfare work. Income has been severely impacted by the pandemic, and income from charity operations has plummeted during the lockdowns.

Dawson is available for adoption now, and TLT and Creed will be available for adoption soon. E-mail [email protected] if you can possibly offer them a home.

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