Trial begins in case towards All Creatures Veterinary Heart

A lawsuit began Monday in the case of a veterinarian charged with multiple negligence and unprofessional conduct spanning several years relating to animal care and record keeping at facilities in Canyon Country, Newhall and Lancaster.

In a trial, which is expected to last until October 2, more than a dozen pet owners are said to testify how their animals are under the care of Dr. Balpal Sandhu, who runs the AV Veterinary Center in Lancaster. All Creatures Veterinary Center at Newhall; and Canyon Country Veterinary Hospital.

Alleged inconsistencies in the federally prescribed protocols of the clinics for drug management, such as the use of Post-It notes to track drug delivery in the clinics, were the focus of the testimony of experts on Monday. The problem with the records was identified by at least two experts, including the first to testify, Dr. James Howard, a veterinarian who trains inspectors for the California Veterinary Medical Board.

The most recent complaint was filed after Sandhu was given parole on May 29, 2016 for finding a cause of negligence, a cause of record violation, and a cause of anesthesia violation by the Veterinary Medical Board. According to the complaint, the probation should last three years.

At the All Creatures Veterinary Clinic in Newhall, Michele Westmore Meeks of Newhall said she brought her dog to visit in late 2018. Meister, a 5-year-old Labrador, died shortly after visiting All Creatures and, according to Meeks, she never received adequate explanation for his death.

“My dog ​​walking by caused a big wave in my family,” Meeks said in a previous interview. “My husband said, ‘What price can you put on your emotional loss and sue him?’ The money isn’t the problem … my goal will be to work with the state of California to make sure (Sandhu) loses his license. ‘”

Meeks is not mentioned in the Attorney General’s complaint. However, she said she filed another complaint with the veterinary office.

In total, 41 grounds for discipline were filed against Sandhu and his three clinics in the November 4th complaint. The case was brought before the Veterinary Medical Board in the Department of Consumer Affairs for the state of California.

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