Touching footage present canine left to drown by proprietor making exceptional restoration

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Watch: The Belgian Shepherd Dog is recovering after drowning

A Belgian Shepherd is looking for a new home after recovering from its previous owner’s attempt to drown her in a river.

Bella was found up to her neck in the River Trent with a tote bag containing a stone tied to her leash.

Jane Harper stopped by when she saw the dog and went into the water in Farndon, Nottinghamshire to rescue her on the morning of January 6th last year.

Charlene Latham, formerly of Newark, Nottinghamshire, was spared jail for the incident.

The 32-year-old, who now lives in Ilfracombe, Devon, received a 12 month joint injunction, a £ 80 fine and payment of £ 200 in costs and a £ 32 sacrificial surcharge.

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The stone that Bella was bound to. (RSPCA / SWNS)

Jane Harper managed to get Bella onto a large rock.  (RSPCA / SWNS)

Jane Harper managed to get Bella onto a large rock. (RSPCA / SWNS)

She was also banned from keeping a dog in Nottingham Magistrates’ Court for three years.

Nottinghamshire Police took 11-year-old Bella, who suffered from hypoglycemia and was hypothermic, to a veterinarian. She has since recovered from the ordeal. The vet believed that she would not have survived without emergency treatment.

Hopefully she will find a new home to spend the rest of her days after being relocated to the RSPCA Radcliffe Animal Center in Nottingham.

Ella Carpenter, manager at the Radcliffe Animal Center, said Bella was transformed during her recovery.

“Sometimes we thought she just couldn’t make it, with her age and underlying health conditions, all of which speak against her.

“But Bella has fought every day, showing enviable strength and courage, and didn’t want to give up her fight to recover.

Jane Harper was reunited with Bella at the RSPCA center.  (RSPCA / SWNS)

Jane Harper was reunited with Bella at the RSPCA center. (RSPCA / SWNS)

Bella has recovered remarkably.  (RSPCA / SWNS)

Bella has recovered remarkably. (RSPCA / SWNS)

“We hope that she will now be able to live the rest of her life with the love and respect she has always deserved and is looking for a special forever home for Bella.”

Ideally, the new owners will be on-site at the RSPCA center so they can continue to support their care, have the financial means to pay for veterinary treatments and experiences with large breed dogs, but without other pets.

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