Tories pledge tax credit for adopted dogs from shelter, part of health-care platform – Halifax

The Canadian press

Posted on Aug 8, 2021 at 10:46 am

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Nova Scotia’s Progressive Conservatives are promising a $ 500 tax credit for people who adopt a dog from an approved animal shelter if the party is elected to government on August 17th.

According to PC director Tim Houston, dogs offer mental and physical health benefits and the tax incentive will encourage people to develop healthy routines after a difficult COVID-19 pandemic.

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He says the adopted dog tax break is a small but important part of his health-centric platform that promises more doctors, more timely mental health support, and a commitment to long-term care.

Houston says he has two rescue dogs – Nash and Winnie – and knows the value they have to mental and physical health.

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He says they also provide accompaniment, especially for older adults during and after prolonged isolation.

Animal rights activist Tracy Jessiman says the tax credit signals Houston’s commitment to building a more thoughtful and compassionate province.

She says adoption agency dogs may have had a deceased owner or suffered abuse or neglect.

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