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Local foster cats laze around and climb up thanks to the Tofino Girl Guides.

Brownies and guides ages 8-11 recently built and donated two cat scratching posts and cat hammocks for the Coastal Animal Rescue and Education Network.

“The scratching posts are used to make a cat scratch or climb, and hopefully that means they won’t scratch the armrest of the sofa or whatever cats are doing, and the hammocks are just fantastic beds for cats,” CARE co-founder James Rodgers said told the Westerly News. “For some cats they just want to sleep in a hammock, I get that, why not?”

He said the new supplies will rotate through CARE’s network of nursing homes and have already received rave reviews.

“The last report was that things were going well and everything was being used well,” Rodgers said. “Normally we wouldn’t be for animal testing, but when it comes to the cat hammocks and scratching posts made by the Girl Guide troop, we are happy to test them on our foster cats.”

Jeanette Martinolich, the head of the Girl Guide, told Westerly that the girls chose the organization they wanted to support and CARE because of their valuable local impact.

“Part of the program is taking action, so we discussed what our choice would be to act in our community and how we could support our community,” she said. “You made the choice, then you voted, and then you took the action.”

After making their decision, the girls spent their next two meetings assembling the hammocks and building the scratching posts.

“It’s a lot of fun. We teach them skills, some of them had never used a drill before,” said Martinolich.

Rodgers said CARE has had a longstanding relationship with the Girl Guides.

“We love them. I’m just excited about the call to come and visit, be it for a small presentation or a big donation like this. You have supported the animals in the region so much and I really just love the program,” he said “I really think the Girl Guides are a perfect fit with the volunteer spirit of our region. We have such an amazing community of big-hearted people willing to share their time and energy for the common good, and the Girl Guides are definitely a great one.” Part of it.”

Martinolich said there are currently 15 girls in Tofino and 13 in Ucluelet in the program, ages 5-6, brownies 7-8, guides 9-11 and Pathfinders 12-14.

“It gives them leadership skills and it gives them the opportunity to do something for their community and learn about volunteering. It’s learning life skills. There are so many positive things, ”she said. “It makes them feel good, good for their mental health and good for their physical health; There is so much that is positive about it. “

The program runs out for the summer but will resume in September and anyone interested in becoming a volunteer leader is encouraged to visit or contact Martinolich at 250-725-3492.

“It’s great, and you’re promoting young people’s wellbeing, helping them learn skills, giving them travel opportunities, and potentially giving them the opportunity to receive scholarships if they stay long enough,” she said.

She added that eight Pathfinders between Tofino and Ucluelet are currently raising funds for a trip to Thailand in 2022, and she encourages locals to keep an eye out for their fundraising drives.
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