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TOM BERGIN’S The public house is open.

Tom Bergin’s is back and open for business! Just in time for St. Patrick’s Day, the inn at 840 S. Fairfax Ave. with a tent ready where guests are welcome to enjoy a socially distant beer al fresco in the 8,000 square foot parking lot. According to David Castagnetti, who runs Bergins with Brother Fran Castagnetti, there are protocols in place according to the guidelines of the Ministry of Health.

Last year when St. Patrick’s Day came, Bergins and other restaurants and bars across town were sitting on one of the most profitable days of the year because of the coronavirus, he said.

Since then, places like Tom Bergins, Cat and Fiddle, and Market Tavern at the Farmers Market have had to perform an intricate dance of total shutdowns, partial closings, and careful reopenings and back again.

Some local bars, such as Little Bar or Molly Malone’s, have closed completely and are waiting for the office staff to start again.

OUTDOOR SEATING and other protocols have been set up at Bergin to welcome customers.

However, Bergin’s has combined take-out and delivery with al fresco dining (if there is an option) to make the historic pub open to the public.

“We’re not going anywhere. We’re in for the long run, ”says Castagnetti, adding that he and his brother see Fran Bergins as an important part of the community. He says he regards his brother and himself as the “steward” of the public house and that it really is a “public” house where people come to share good times and bad.

While there may be a more subdued St. Patrick’s Day celebration this year, with reservations and limited space for guests, Castagnetti says he has the long run. He now prefers to be careful now so that guests can come back by next year to enjoy Tom Bergins the way it’s supposed to be.

FESTIVE Tent on Bergin’s 8,000 square meter parking lot.

Stay up to date with the latest Bergin news via Instagram @ TomBergins1936. You can view the takeaway menu options on

Cat and violin

Other restaurants and pubs also offer cautious options to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.

The Cat and Fiddle Pub and Restaurant on 742 N. Highland Ave. Will certainly be planning “Corned Beef and Cabbage and Guinness,” says Ashlee Gardner, who helps with The Cat’s marketing and accounting side. This is in addition to the other UK dishes that are offered in the pub.

While there is a terrace for al fresco dining, this is only reserved by prior reservation to ensure social distance. And customers have to wear masks when they’re not eating or drinking.

Takeaway, roadside, and delivery options are also available.


Farmers market

CORNED BEEF, Potatoes and cabbage are offered by Magee’s on St. Patrick’s Day at the Original Farmers Market.

At the Original Farmers Market, 6333 W. Third St., the Market Tavern on the terrace serves contemporary British cuisine and is open from 11 am to 11 pm for those who want to have a beer on St. Patrick’s Day. Wear a mask and prepare to have your temperature taken when you step inside.

Delivery and takeaway options are also available. Visit

Magee’s Kitchen serves traditional corned beef, parsley potato, and cabbage all day.

If you cook at home, Huntington Meats and Marconda’s Corned Beef have been pre-salted. Get fresh cabbage, carrots and potatoes from Rick’s, Farm Boy or Farm Fresh markets.



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