Tiki Cats targets key well being considerations in new moist cat meals | 2020-10-21

ST. LOUIS – As the demand for functional pet food and treat products grows, Tiki Cats, a division of Tiki Pets, launched a new line of functional wet cat foods on October 19, targeting digestive issues, skin and coat health, and weight management aim.

Tiki Cat Special ™ contains three functional formulas: Fussy, Skins & Coat and Light. Each diet comes in a smooth mousse format formulated with a broth to improve palatability. All three formulas are grain-free, not genetically modified and contain no artificial ingredients.

“Now people with sensitive cats can get the natural, high-protein diet Tiki Cat is known for in a recipe that meets their pet’s specific nutritional needs,” said Erica Vogt, trade marketing manager at Tiki Cat. “Our new Tiki Cat Special foods are suitable for the conditions that are very common in cats. For this reason we expect an extremely strong demand for these products. “

The Tiki Cat Special Fussy formula is high in protein and offers improved palatability “to seduce even the most picky of eaters,” the company says. The formula contains egg and pumpkin for optimal digestibility.

Tiki Cat Special Skin & Coat contains salmon and tuna oils to provide omega-3 fatty acids that promote skin and coat health. The formula also contains zinc and vitamin B as well as coconut oil.

Tiki Cat Special Light is a weight maintenance diet that is 40% less fat than the company’s Velvet Chicken diet. The light formula contains chicken and low-calorie turkey in combination with additional L-carnitine to stimulate the metabolism of cats. Pumpkin is also included in the formula to aid intestinal mobility.

The company cites research from the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention (APOP), which claims nearly 60% of domestic cats in the US are overweight or obese, as well as Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine, which states that up to 15% of cats have at least a problem with skin and coat health. These statistics show a need for functional cat products in these categories that Tiki Cat has supplied for.

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