‘Three determined, little dog-loving girls’ support Clarington Animal Shelter

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Alana Rogers, Taylor Smith, and Josie Bongard raised nearly $ 800 for the Clarington Animal Shelter. They went for a walk with the neighbors’ dogs and ran a donation flea market to collect the money.

During the pandemic, Clarington residents gathered to protect the pets – and together they donated a whopping $ 10,000 to the shelter to pay for food and supplies for the animals in need.

“We are incredibly lucky to live in a tight-knit community in which the residents not only look after each other, but also take care of the vulnerable and helpless animals. Words are not enough to express our gratitude, ”Clarington Mayor Adrian Foster said in a press release.

Three notable Newcastle children started a little dog walk to help out with the shelter. Taylor Smith, Josie Bongard, and Alana Rogers all love dogs so much that they decided to start a dog club at school. During the dog club meetings, 3rd grade students decided to take dogs for walks to make money for the shelter, similar to a “babysitting club” but for dogs instead of children.

“I love helping animals, especially dogs. Dogs are great because they can help you move when you walk, ”said Taylor.

“I love dogs because they can calm you down when you’re stressed,” added Josie.

“Any animal can help you through tough, difficult, or stressful times,” Alana agreed.

The girls had dog club meetings on the weekends or online. They worked hard creating presentations and signs to promote their dog walking services. Taylor came up with the idea of ​​running a flea market with the profits donated to the Clarington Animal Shelter. Alana had the idea to raffle records for the animal shelter.

All three girls said that their favorite part of their project was walking the dogs because they were able to look after the neighborhood dogs and raise funds for the shelter. In mid-July, Taylor, Josie, and Alana donated $ 795 to the Clarington Animal Shelter in South Bowmanville.

“I think three determined, little, dog-loving girls did an amazing job. People can’t say no to donating because their spirit and kindness are contagious, ”Taylor’s mother Lindsay Smith said via email. “Thanks to everyone in Newcastle, our family and friends who have donated to this good cause.”

The Clarington Animal Shelter is community operated. The staff and volunteers care for animals put up for adoption, stray, injured and lost pets.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, dozens of residents donated money, pet food and toys to the shelter. On Tuesday, July 20th, the municipality thanked the following residents:

• Adriana, Olivia, Erik, Ellis and Sydney for donating $ 1,780.

• Alana, Taylor, and Josie for donating $ 795.

• Jon and Kelly for donating $ 200.

• Jennifer and Ian for donating $ 616.20.

• Sabah for donating $ 200.

• Debbie for donating $ 150.

• Phyllis for donating $ 100.

• Addy for donating $ 100.

• Dorothy, Averee, Machayla, Billie and Jenny for donating $ 360.

• Corey for donating $ 463.75.

• Glen Hill Marnwood for donating $ 145.

• Krista and Joshua for donating $ 46.

• Ruth for donating $ 150.

• David for donating $ 1,295.55.

• Anonymous residents continue to bring groceries and toys and have donated $ 3,798.62 together.

“On behalf of the Clarington Ward, I would like to thank our residents for their incredible generosity, care, and compassion during these difficult times,” added Mayor Foster. “Our shelter workers and the furry creatures they care for are humble and grateful for your contributions.”

The Clarington Animal Shelter is now open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. for animal licenses and adoption applications.

Visit www.clarington.net/donate to donate online to the shelter.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Clarington Animal Shelter was supported by incredible donations from residents – including the efforts of three dog-loving children from Newcastle.