This week’s veterinary headlines, plus a pet meals model recall goes worldwide

Check out this week’s highlights.

As we continue to adjust to these unprecedented times, we will continue to keep you updated on the latest pandemic news and our coverage of the veterinary industry.

Check out this week’s highlights:

  • The pet food recall, initiated earlier this month by Midwestern Pet Foods, Inc, is now an international issue. On January 25, the FDA announced that pet food products containing potentially lethal amounts of aflatoxin, manufactured at the company’s Oklahoma facility, may have been exported to 35 countries.
  • In her article, Pam Hale, DVM, MBA acknowledges the current efforts to promote diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) in the veterinary profession, but notes that there are still miles to go before we see lasting change.
  • The National Animal Supplement Council (NASC) seal of approval has given Canopy Animal Health the right to display the seal of approval for its CBD products for dogs, which is expected to be launched early next month.
  • A veterinarian offers their top tips for increasing cash flow in your practice.

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