This veterinary hospital explains the benefits of ultrasounds for animals

Our pets can’t tell us where it’s hurting, so veterinarians need to use their knowledge and experience to diagnose sick animals.

A physical exam can only do so much to find out what’s wrong. Because of this, an ultrasound can be a great option for your furry friends.

To provide pet owners with a better understanding of the use of ultrasound for pets. Dr. Kenneth Kirlin, a veterinarian at Eagle Veterinary Hospital, answered common questions.

1) How do veterinarians use ultrasound on pets to diagnose medical problems?

“Every time a sick animal comes in and tries to figure out what is causing it, it’s like solving a murder puzzle,” Kirlin said. “What we’re doing is getting as many pointers as possible. With the benefit of ultrasound, we can look inward and see if there are any changes in the internal organs that give us a clue. So here is what is causing this problem for the animal. “


Bottom line: if a veterinarian needs to collect more lab work to find the problem that is occurring, an ultrasound will help provide a clearer view.

2) What are the benefits of ultrasound for pets?

“One of the biggest things we use it for is for echocardiograms,” said Kirlin. “We listen to a dog’s chest, we hear a noise or we have an echocardiogram done and that’s exactly what ultrasound does. It deals with the structure of the heart and the chambers of the heart. We look to see if they have an illness and to what extent? It gives us a much better idea of ​​the best drugs to choose for such cases. “

Bottom Line: Ultrasound helps veterinarians find underlying diseases in animals that may not be visible on a normal exam.

3) What else can an ultrasound detect?

An ultrasound can detect a number of different problems, such as: B. Heart function, tumor, mass, enlarged organs, pregnancy, quality of blood flow.


Take Away: If your veterinarian recommends an ultrasound for your pet, it can be the remedy to help your furry friend overcome their health problems and ailments that can be prescribed with medication.

To schedule an ultrasound for your pet, contact the Eagle Veterinary Hospital.

Do you have any questions about your pet’s general health? Check out the video above to see if your pet could benefit from an ultrasound.

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