This self-cleaning cat litter-tray is fancier than the toilet astronauts do their business in…

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Just the sight of a litter box lifted from its base and rotated 90 degrees to separate the droppings from the litter looks like something NASA would design. With a more space-oriented name, the Pluto Square is a modern, sophisticated litter box that cleans itself after your feline friend has done their business. It comes in a neat cube-shaped avatar that will collect trash over time so you only have to clean up once a week, and in a minimalist, Scandinavian-inspired design that looks good enough to put in any corner of your home.

Designer: Hae Min Yang

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The way the tray works is a treat unless you watch your cat’s poop being separated and disposed of. The tray has a recessed area where the cat can do its job, while sensors in the Pluto Cube detect the cat’s presence. As soon as the cat has left the tray, the tray is rotated 90 ° so that the litter and the litter box can fall down.

When the tray is tilted, a sieve separates the litter from the litter and stores it in a separate bin, while your cat’s litter falls straight into the inner bin of the Pluto Square. The tub then tilts back into the horizontal position and the litter automatically spreads back to its original location. There is a certain undeniable simplicity and elegance to the way it automatically separates and discards your pet’s waste.

The litter box or litter box is designed very carefully and balances usability and aesthetics. Cats are very private beings, which is why the Pluto Square is equipped with a fold-out hood that gives your cat a private space while they go about their business. The tray sits on top of the cube, and a nifty little stepper also allows the cat to easily climb up and down while conveniently picking up any litter that slips off the cat’s paws on the way up and down the feces pedestal could.

While most of the way Pluto Square works is automated, you only need to dispose of the waste once a week. All litter is collected in a hidden chamber and can be emptied every few days (depending on how many cats you have). Don’t worry about also having to check whether or not the litter bin is full – Pluto Square can, among other things, automatically notify you when it is full, among other things to make you a more caring cat owner. A weight sensor built into the four corners of Pluto Square will weigh your cat when it steps on the tray, while keeping track of your pet’s schedule and potty frequency. These data really help you get an idea of ​​your feline friend’s overall health.

The rather minimally modern throwing cube can be connected directly to any socket and requires only 40 W of power to operate. It takes up roughly the same volumetric space as a plastic step stool, though visually it looks much more modern, with its zen-like white body and the splash of home decor-friendly color when it comes to the tray and flap. Hood off. The tray works with virtually any type of clumping bedding you have (it works with loose bedding, too, although clumping bedding works for the best results) and pops out right away if you want to hose it down with water every couple of weeks for a couple of weeks of cleaning .

Finally, each Pluto Square comes with its companion app, which not only gives you data and warnings about your pet’s schedule and health, but also lets you clean the tray remotely with the press of a button! Cats are pretty self-sufficient, easy-care animals to start with … Pluto Square makes things a little easier!

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