This Robotic Cat Companion Feeds Your Cat’s Prey Drive When You’re Too Busy To Play

We all agree that it is adorable when cats get on and off our zooms even when it is difficult to get the job done. But the reality of being more home doesn’t mean more time for Mr. Fluffles. As always, there is cuddling. But between all of the new chores of working from home, your cat hasn’t received as much attention as it would prefer. According to the RSPCA, cats are one of the most neglected pets in society today. So we’re not just speculating here. And that is regrettable, because exercising your cat friend’s prey drive with interactive play is of decisive importance for their overall development and really contributes to their quality of life. However, there is a way to ensure your cat is getting the attention and play it needs, even when you are busy or on the go. It’s called Ebo Catpal and is the smartest, lifelike robotic cat companion on the market today.

Ebo Catpal

Without proper stimulation and socialization, cats can develop depression, obesity, and other serious health problems. Ebo Catpal is a robotic cat companion that creates a world of interaction, fun, stimulation, and connection that will help your cat thrive and achieve the best possible physical and mental health.

Cats love Ebo because it mimics the movements and sounds of real game. Part of how it accomplishes this is through its autonomous movements as it rolls and dances on its own. But don’t worry about furniture. Ebo Catpal is equipped with collision sensors. Plus, unlike your cat, Ebo takes care of its own needs and automatically returns to the dock when it’s time to recharge. You do not have to do anything.

Ebo CatpalEbo Catpal

Ebo makes your cat happy thanks to its sophisticated design. It is connected to WiFi so you can monitor your cat through the easy to use mobile app with HD video and audio streaming. It also takes videos and photos and has a microphone that you can use to talk to your Furbaby on the go. It also has a built-in low intensity laser that you can control. But that’s not all. You can tailor Ebo Catpal exactly to your cat’s needs by programming it so that it can wake up and fall asleep at certain times.

Thanks to the built-in editing and social functions of the mobile app, it’s easier than ever to create quirky and memorable content for your fluffball. Most importantly, you never have to worry about your data security as Ebo does not have cloud storage. Correctly. All camera images are only streamed live and the data is only saved if you manually save it on your phone.

Ebo CatpalEbo Catpal

Ebo Catpal offers a variety of accessories and packages to ensure that your cat has everything it needs to keep its prey instinct fed up. The Ebo Catpal Standard Classic Set contains the Ebo Catpal, a charging station, a soldier’s hat and a bamboo hat. The next package offered is the Ebo Catpal Standard Luxury Set, which contains everything from the Standard Classic Set as well as a Christmas hat and an outfit as well as a reindeer hat and an outfit.

For cats that have to be entertained endlessly, there is the Ebo Catpal Pro Classic Set with AI Intelligence. These AI algorithms recognize your cat’s mood and adapt to their unique play style and personality. When you choose the Ebo Catpal Pro Classic Set, you’re investing in an ever-adapting, mentally stimulating, and customizable intelligent AI companion to ensure that Ebo will be your cat’s favorite playmate for years to come.

When you choose Ebo Catpal, you are not only investing in stimulating your cat so that it stays healthy and lives longer, but also in your own peace of mind. With Ebo Catpal, all you have to do is open the compatible mobile app and let it do the rest. So what are you waiting for? Now click here to keep Mr. Fluffles busy if you can’t.

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