This report ranks the top 25 dog-friendliest companies in the U.S.

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Are you a dog lover who has had a hard time getting back to the office after spending the last year or so around the house for your furry friend?

Working remotely has changed a lot for many of us.

For some, it’s definitely been a difficult transition – getting back to the office – and maybe it has resulted in more employees wanting to work in dog-friendly companies.

Just this week Rover released a report listing the best dog-friendly companies in the United States, taking into account factors such as:

For remote work, some of these companies have also encouraged their employees to share photos and videos of their dogs, and allowed their furry loved ones to take part in work-related video calls.

On a day when many companies are struggling to find workforce, a survey by Rover found that 93% of companies found that corporate morale has improved since introducing dog-friendly benefits, while 95% believe it has been positive impacted hiring and recruiting.


Here were the top 25 dog-friendly companies according to this year’s ranking.

For a full list of rankings and reasons companies made the list, click or tap here.

1. Amazon (Seattle)

2. Athenahealth (Watertown, MA)

3. Trupanion (Seattle)

4. Relatives (New York City, San Francisco, Portland)

5. Pet Desk (San Diego)

6. Step Health (San Francisco)

7. Petco (San Diego)

8. Purina (St. Louis)

9. Homemade (New York City)

10. SS&C Advent (San Francisco)

11. WeWork (New York City)

12. VMWare, Inc. (Palo Alto)

13. PeopleConnect People Search (San Diego)

14. Petsmart (Phoenix)

15. Procurement Technologies (Carpinteria, CA)

16. Zogis (Lenox, MA)

17. TripAdvisor (Needham, MA)

18.Noodles and Society (Broomfield, CO)

19. FabFitFun (West Hollywood, CA)

20. The Farmer’s Dog (Brooklyn, NY)

21. From the Future (Philadelphia)

22. Carfax (Centerville, VA)


23. Starting Potato (Delray Beach, FL)

24. Ollie (remote control)

25. Melody (Seattle)

Can you occasionally share your workplace with your dog? Let us know in the comments below.