This obese cat is stealing hearts on the internet

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Hyderabad: While pets seem to be dominating social media platforms for the past few days, this cat seems no less competitive. Weighing 16.8 lb (about 8 kg), however, this cat named Swayze Nelson is famous for its adorable fat figure.

Swayze’s Instagram page, owned by Abbe Nelson, now has over 34,000 followers. But the owner says she has no idea why her beloved pet is so massive. However, the regular visits to the vet show that the cat is fine.

Abbe also mentions in an interview that she tried putting Swayze on a prescription diet, but that didn’t reduce the cat’s weight.

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However, it is this unusual chubby nature that has turned the pet into a social media star. The Instagram page managed by Abbe is an archive of all kinds of mischief and deeds of the cat that make internet users drool over the furry creature.


Several Instagram users expressed how Swayze’s videos brighten up their lives, while some just can’t get over his cuteness. “I love the way he does it with his two paws,” wrote one Instagram user. “Kiss that sweet belly!” wrote another.

But many also wondered what made the cat so overweight and regularly asked about its health.