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FRANKLIN, Tennessee, Sep. 14, 2021 / PRNewswire / – This Halloween season, the TEMPTATIONS ™ brand is engulfing the age-old idea that if our feline friends were bigger than their lion and tiger relatives, they might just try to sneak a bite out of their owners. In order to satisfy the big cat in every small kitten – and to spare their owners those carnivorous cravings, the TEMPTATIONS brand is introducing the new TEMPTATIONS Tasty Human MixUps (chicken, liver and beef flavor) in limited editions. Parents of cats are encouraged to heed the warning: treat your pet with treats from Tasty Human before they treat themselves to you.

To support the creepy new product, the TEMPTATIONS brand worked with creative agency adam & eveDDB London to develop two new ads. The videos each show a cat owner – one in a bed and one in a bathtub – who is watched threateningly by his cat and whispers that cats, if they were bigger, would try to eat their humans. In order to satisfy the terrifying cat friends – and to save their own skin, both animal parents bought the new TEMPTATIONS MixUps Tasty Human cat treats.

“I’m sure any cat owner would agree that their cat can be unpredictable at times,” said Craig Neely, Mars Petcare’s vice president of marketing. “Knowing that our cats share some DNA with lions and tigers makes those creepy cat looks a little more menacing, and that’s what inspired us to create this new product. It’s a unique way to celebrate and ensure the Halloween season that our cats have more “a suitable snack on the menu – hopefully.”

The creepy limited edition snacks – which actually taste like chicken, liver, and beef – offer cat parents a new and haunting way to treat – and maybe even trick – their pets this Halloween. Each treat is less than two calories and delivers a terrifyingly delicious combination of crispy and soft textures.

TEMPTATIONS MixUps Tasty Human Treats are available throughout the Halloween season at major online retailers and select retailers across the country. To buy the sparkling goodies online and for more information, visit or interact with the brand on social media via Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.

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TEMPTATIONS ™ Treats are America’s favorite cat treats, offering a fun, playful treatment experience for cats and their owners. With a crispy texture on the outside and a soft, meaty center, just shaking the bag is enough to make your cat’s mouth water! Search nationwide for TEMPTATIONS ™ cat treats where pet food is sold. More information is available at

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