This Cute Cat Makes a Residing as a Very Profitable Automobile Mannequin

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Modeling cars is just as challenging a business as modeling on the catwalk, with the difference that jobs may be scarcer in the former. That said, in order to have a chance to fight, one must be young, handsome, fascinating to look at, and with a victorious personality. And feminine.

Mao Mao checks all of these boxes and adds another: She’s a cat too. Only two years old and indescribably cute, this British Shorthair is also proof that anyone can do it anywhere, with enough determination, talent and the pressure they need from a third party.

In Mao Mao’s case, it was her owner, Zheng. Zheng talks about a pear video that recently posted on Chinese social media that went viral. He never thought that his cat could make a living as a car model (hat tip for WorldOfBuzz). He works in the automotive industry and one day he got the idea to put Mao Mao in one of the vehicles on display.

You can probably guess what happened next: the cat attracted a crowd, and while most people just wanted to pet and look at it, their posts on social media brought increased awareness of the vehicles. So Zheng Mao made Mao officially model.

Today the cat works three to four jobs a month because Zheng doesn’t want to tire her. She makes up to $ 1,550 (10,000 yuan) for one gig, so simple math will tell you she is fine for a living. In return, she is pampered with the fanciest cat food and even fancier outfits that Zheng makes for her to ensure maximum cuteness and exposure.

Mao Mao and Zheng live in Jiangbei, Chongqing, China, where auto shows are taking place again. Just in case human car models are feeling down about their own careers stalled by the 2020 international health crisis.