This award-winning dog breed test kit and dog training bundle is now 95% off

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Adopting a dog from your local animal shelter or rescue group can be a wonderful experience for both the adoptee and the adoptee. Not only are you giving home to a well-deserved dog forever, but you are also giving yourself a devoted best friend for years to come.

But sometimes when we adopt a dog we don’t know much about him and we want to know more. This is where the all-in-one DNA My Dog Breed Identification Test & Dog Training Bundle comes into play.

Not only will this pack give you a better understanding of your dog’s breed, but it will also give you the tools to become a better pet parent.

You begin by discovering the true breed of your dog with a simple and painless canine DNA cheek swab. All you have to do is swab your dog’s cheek, send in the DNA sample, and in two weeks or less you will have detailed reports breaking down your dog’s unique traits, including personality traits, DNA composition, breed mix, predisposition to disease and more.


Next, you’ll take some training courses that teach you best practices to help you in areas like unwanted barking, leash pulling, and tips on preventing separation anxiety.

For Dog Health, there is a course on natural remedies that can help with common canine health problems such as diarrhea, skin conditions, ear infections, and joint problems.

There is also a full course on raw feeding. This course is led by Sharon Bolt. Sharon is a top expert on dog behavior, was the head trainer in the BBC documentary “Britain’s Most Embarrassing Pets” and has had a regular slot on BBC radio since 2008, answering the doggy dilemmas of many listeners.

Finally, if you’re interested in starting your own dog-related business, you can find out all about it in the Become a Dog Trainer and Do Dog Training courses.

For a limited time, you can take all of the courses in the All-in-One DNA My Dog Breed Identification Test & Dog Training Bundle for just $ 59.99. That’s a massive 95% off the regular price of this bundle which is $ 1,239.


Subject to price changes.