This AI-Powered App Can Tell You What Mood Your Cat’s In

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While cats are some of the best companions in the world, it can still be difficult to tell whether they love us or want to murder us in our sleep. (Especially when we’re trying to put the little cats in boxes or Iron Man helmets.) Now, however, thanks to AI literally taking over the world, there’s a new app that makes this emotional gray area a little more black. can make white. Or should we rather say rusty brown-orange-white and white?

PetaPixel has taken up the new AI-based app Tablely. The app is based on, a “predictive healthcare company” that “manufactures products powered by artificial intelligence to improve animal health outcomes across all species”.

According to – a joint venture between Canadian AI company AltaML and The Bar G’s portfolio of companies – Tablely gives owners a “deeper understanding” of their cats’ mood and general health. The app just works, users just have to scan their cats’ faces with their smartphone cameras. The app then immediately provides answers to questions such as: How grumpy is my cat? Does my cat like the way I pet it? Should I get life insurance because my cat stares at me if I don’t feed it on time?

“The big challenge in cats is not having them express themselves when they are in pain,” said Chris O’Brien, vice president of AltaML, “said PetaPixel. “They go and hide while a dog comes in and whines and sniffs you,” he added.

In fact, Tablely relies on the Feline Grimace Scale (FGS) to determine a particular cat’s mood. For strangers, the FGS determines how much pain a cat is in. The scale is based on physical signals like ear position, snout tension, and changes in the way the whiskers move. And as Wired Magazine notes in its summary of Table, these clear signals are perfect for training machine learning algorithms. Big data about which faces accompany which moods are perfect for the AI ​​algorithms to recognize patterns.

For those who want to try Tablely, you need to register as a beta tester at this point. This is something you may or may not want to do depending on your ability to read feline emotions. Or your fear of what cat data-driven AI could ultimately lead to.

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