They teach a course-workshop on medicine for exotic animals

This Friday 25 and Saturday 26 February, and Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Husbandry Sciences Subordinate Colima University Carries out a course – workshop “Basic principles of medicine On exotic wildlifeunconventional and wild”, aimed at students and professionals in the area and those interested in management wild animals.

The workshop is of course possible thanks to the link with Environmental Unit “El Palapo”located in the municipality of Coquimatlan. In this regard, the Academic Cesar Garcia Casillas He noted that this knowledge will be useful to students in their professional practice, once they discover their inclination and interest in it Employment.

explained that exotic wildlifeUnconventional or wild, it covers everyone non-domesticated animals. As an example, he referred to crocodiles, parrots, macaws, toucans, hawks, jaguars, tigers, pumas, deer, etc. Natural Resources renewable Basic with water, air, soil and vegetation.

He added that this professional practice supports future training veterinarians And the Animal husbandry specialist “Because it offers great versatility and scope to develop and professional career No longer limited to Native species But also for sustainable development, conservation and management of animals and wildlife.”

It was reported that for several years they were included in Established Optional topics related to wild animalsso that those who study the degree acquire a broad and diverse core principles.

About the relationship with Wildlife Conservation Management Unit (UMA) “El Palapo”, Professor Armando Rodríguez Vázquez explained over the phone that they had carried out various activities in cooperation, in order to cover search line Of non-traditional or wild animals.

Among the latest activities, a clinic for unconventional animalsExotic or wild, and several workshops such as Introduction to the medicine of reptiles, exotic cats and birds, as well as physical examination of reptiles (snakes, turtles, lizards), in exotic birdsPhysical examination and physical restraint techniques in crocodiles.

For more information about this workshop, the interested public can contact Prof. Arturo García Casillas via [email protected] or refer to the following page:

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