These Cats and A Dog Need New Homes on Long Island

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What do a dog and 15 cats have in common? Of course they are all looking for their eternal home! Please read and share their stories to make one wish come true.

Available for adoption at the Smithtown City Animal Shelter


** Senior Alert ** Haley is an 8 year old Pit Terrier mix who unfortunately lost both of her parents within a few weeks. After this loss, she needs a lot of love and care from everyone willing to give it. She is still a little nervous, but slowly shows the shelter staff her gentle manner and her loving side. She has a small weight problem but is very healthy overall. Haley is a loving dog but she can be a little protective at times so her ideal home would be without children. Haley has experience of living with a cat and another smaller dog that she often played with.

If you are interested in meeting Haley please call 631-360-7575 for more information.

Available for adoption by Alleykatz

Check out these super cute cats – all of them are ready to go home with you today!


** Double adoption ** Aretha and Isabella are two year old friends who prefer a home without dogs or children. They like other cats and would be a great addition to a home with an older couple or single pet. They will take a little patience as they can be shy at first, but once they open up they will steal your heart forever!


Maya is a cute 1 year old girl who gets along best with kids ages 10 and up.


Joey, Nick and Kevin are 5 month old siblings. All are trained in the litter box and can go home with you today! Everyone likes to play fetch at some point and will run for your attention. They also enjoy the company of other cats. These guys don’t need to be adopted together, but they would thrive in a home where they could stay together forever!

For more information on how to bring home one of these adorable adopted children, please contact Alleykatz at

Available for adoption at North Shore Animal League America


Last summer, one year old Tigra (adoption # BF3491) was rescued from local streets due to an eye injury and needed urgent medical attention. The NSALA medical team relieved her pain through surgery, but Tigra remained fearful given her survival experiences outside. You’ve given this slender one-eyed beauty all the time and space she needs in a quiet place surrounded by caring friends – both humans and cats – who cheer her every move forward. They found that while being around people, while still quite insecure, she transforms into a completely different cat among other feline friends. You can’t get enough of game time! When it’s time to take a nap, Tigra is always available as a small spoon for friends. Tigra needs a predictable home with no children under the age of 16 and adults who have experience caring for anxious cats. Time and patience will bring great rewards, but having a confident cat in the household will be the most valuable part of the team in helping her succeed. If you have a cat who craves a passionate admirer, Tigra would love to have a loving relationship with her!


Before the 4-year-old ballerina (adoption # BF3673) moved, she wanted to offer ballerina a safer alternative to her previous life. Animal League America provided this delicate orange tabby with this safe space and gave it all the time it needs to learn to trust the people inside after surviving a lifetime outside. While she may seem aloof with new friends, she has become very attached to the most trustworthy companions who care for her, who have observed an affectionate side in her when she mingles with feline friends. A confident cat in the household will show her how to gain confidence in her new environment. NSALA wants the ballerina to continue growing into a loving family member and seeks a peaceful, predictable life to help her thrive in a new home – her first! If you have kids 12+ and have experience with fearful cats, you might be the hero ballerina has been waiting for.


** Senior Alert ** You know Dasher and Dancer and everyone else, but do you also know the cutest senior tabby of them all? The NSALA raised the remarkable 9 year old Rudy the Red Nosed Kitty (adoption # H210437) in a quiet room where he took the time to meet the people who now care for him while still using the room shares with his clower, who were saved with him last spring. Rudy’s fearfulness kept him from opening up new opportunities, but recently he spotted lower shelves where he rub his ears and assured he is in our care until an adoptive family discovers him. You might find him in a calming cuddle with cat friends. The NSALA wants this shy tabby’s future to be calm and caring, so we are looking for an adult household with experience and patience in the love of fearful cats. Rudy will rely on a confident companion in your home to reassure him in his new environment, or you can take one of his friends home with you! Either way, it will light its way straight to your compassionate heart.

Alexander the Great

The NSALA medical team are card-carrying members of the Alexander (adoption # H210286) fan club! This precious boy has survived some difficult days, but better ones are ahead now as he was carefully treated for his heart disease and a wound he sustained prior to his arrival. Alexander takes his medication in a meatball like a very good boy – how easy is that ?! With a plan to optimize his health and support for the NSALA’s animal health centers in Port Washington, nothing can stand in his way. He may seem a little shy at first, but he reserves his affection for the right ear elastic. He will melt in your hands in no time, and the staff awaits a very happy encounter between a deserving boy and his favorite person. Ideally, he would find a permanent place in a peaceful home (one with kids ages six and up would be ideal.) Everyone thinks Alexander the Great is great – and so will you!

Flame and embers

** Double Adoption ** Nothing will quench the flame of love between 7 month old Blaze (adoption # NCR6146) and Ember (adoption # NCR6147). Although they are nervous about what to expect, the NSALA has promised that their home will be peaceful and loving. Children aged ten and over will appreciate how easy it is to coax their shyness out of them with a little patience. These connected besties have come all the way from North Carolina to be spotted by you. Don’t let them down. You will see your heart ablaze when you meet Blaze and Ember!


Beautiful Betty (adoption # H211096) quietly watches all the excitement that surrounds her in her fabulous, sun-drenched room at Bianca’s Furry Friends Feline Adoption Center. This 6 month old local rescue team is pinching their luck. Wait until she realizes how great it feels to be loved by a dedicated family. Would you like a cute little person to keep you company? Betty is ready to call you her!

Margie and Marjorie

* Double Adoption * Everyone at Bianca’s Furry Friends Feline Adoption Center is pretty excited about 2 year old Margie (adoption # BF2509) and Marjorie (adoption # BF2511), but they still have to find a home that suits their shy disposition. All these connected sisters ask for is a little patience, a predictable home to settle in, and some goodies to sweeten the deal. A home with kids ages eight and up and feline-seasoned adults will ensure they are safe to relax and enjoy game time and rubbing the ears they love from their trusted Animal League America team. Are you the elusive perfect home for this couple?

Contact to learn more about adopting the adorable NSALA adoptive items!

As always, thanks for reading and please remember to always adopt, never shop … pass on!

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