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New York Fashion Week plans to see us again for happy hour

Photo Illustration by The Daily Beast / Courtesy Cinq A SeptCinq à Sept Cinq à Sept showcased a lively boho collection for Fall 2021, the paisley for New York Fashion Week in a playful music video with the vibe of the late sixties and early sixties brought forth seventies. Designer Jane Siskin’s collection has captured the laid-back, casual essence for which the brand is known and named after (Cinq à Sept is a French term for the “happy hour” of the day). Cinq à Sept. Cinq à Sept The brand said the collection was “inspired” by muses, English model and photographer Pattie Boyd and English actress and singer Marianne Faithfull, both of whom are the mix of British elegance and bohemian aesthetics of their own embodied Unique Time spanning the 1960s and 1970s. The models happily jumped through an almost empty loft-like interior while wearing flowing dresses in a range of vintage-inspired floral prints. The 1970s were in full swing in a very one-piece leather outfit in the style of a St. Laurent safari suit. Prairie chic found its way into tiered dresses and ruffled shirts, while high-waisted jeans rounded off the look. Nubby tweeds and chic suits with soft collared shirts completed the sophisticated bohemian collection that the modern woman could hopefully soon be wearing to happy hour. Sarah ShearsSocial-Work StudioRelative fashion newcomers and darlings of the scene, the designers Qi Wang and Chenghui Zhang, presented their latest collection for the online fashion week. Social-Work Studio is a fashion brand that has positioned itself to uphold and promote workers’ rights, shedding much-needed light on those who work in factories while connecting consumers to the manufacturer. In a fortuitous twist, the new online platform has helped keep promoting that connection now that the brand’s shows can be accessed by anyone with a computer and a WiFi connection, and not just the few in the fashion world. Social work studio. Social-Work Studio The quirky and functional collection was inspired by the childhood of designers in China (Wang is from Hubei, Zhang is from Shenzhen) and how life in NYC after the pandemic captured the lives of New Yorkers and changed the pulse of City. The designers said the collection was “a collective story of nostalgia and surrealism,” and it was. The models wore ensembles with bell bottoms and matching patterned knitwear in earth tones in the style of the 1970s. Long, exaggerated, pointed collars adorned shirts, jackets, and dresses, and storm flaps adorned long coats and an olive pair of overalls. It was a collection that was youthful and fun, but pragmatic enough that the wearer would – in theory – be ready for anything that might very well be needed in our new world. SSTheophilio Theophilio Edvin Thompson’s fall collection for Theophilio, titled “Solace”, celebrates the ever-changing definition of what it means to be a “hero” in America. “From frontline workers to teachers, protesters and activists, parents to children, it is obvious that heroes are right in front of us and, above all, within us,” the show notes read. View this post on Instagram A post from New York @ Brooklyn (@theophilio) Thompson also took nods from The Matrix and the idea of ​​”finding the superhero in us all”. But you won’t find any capes in his collection that has his signature punchy, contemporary twist. There is something very Y2K about the look that would make a 90s Keanu Reeves proud, especially when it comes to mid-rise bootcut jeans in a sour color palette. The standout piece is a black leather dress with a keyhole neckline and color-blocked sleeves, suitable for a comic book heroine. Alaina DemopoulosKim Shui Kim Shui Kim Shui wins the award for having the best and worst inspiration for her fall collection at the same time: “KS Fall Winter 2021 is inspired by the island trip that she did not take.” (Sorry, Kim!) And so was magical the designer, who is known for her chic looks, is an “imaginary escape” in her own right. The pieces are all available in a kaleidoscope of colors and are as vibrant as some birds of paradise. So many of these pieces expose the diaphragm, abdomen, or other meaty peek-a-boos that they might make a nostalgic for the days we might “go out”. However, if you look carefully you will find that some of the outfits are easy to wear and very commercial, like corduroy trousers with jacquard trim and silk button tops in bright hues. It’s all very sexy, but celebrates a look where women are in charge. Consider Kim Shui the official outfitter for our first nights whenever possible. Hopefully she will be on her island by then. Read more at The Daily Beast. Get our top stories in your inbox every day. Sign up now! Daily Beast Membership: Beast Inside delves deeper into the stories that matter to you. Learn more.