These are 10 breeds of adorable dogs that can’t cope with the cold so need wrapped up on winter walks

The number of households with new puppies skyrocketed during the lockdown.

A large number of us decided last year to welcome new puppies into our homes – dog ownership has increased nearly eight percent, according to the Kennel Club figures – and demand for four-legged friends remains high after the lockdown.

There are a whopping 221 different breeds of pedigree dogs to choose from alongside numerous crossbreeds.

There are even scientific guides that psychologist Stanley Coren uses in his book “The Intelligence of Dogs” to classify breeds based on instinct, obedience, and adaptability.

The thing to note is that some dogs just don’t get along well with cold weather.

These less resilient breeds won’t thank you for long walks in snow and sub-zero temperatures – it can even be very bad for their health – and might benefit from wearing a jacket for a winter walk.

Here are the 10 dog breeds that have struggled in cold conditions.

There’s a reason Dachshunds can often be spotted in brightly colored winter clothes – their short coats and tiny stature hate the cold. Their short legs are also pretty unhelpful when it comes to more than a bit of snow.

Photo: Canva / Getty Images

The tiny Chihuahua has very little protection from the cold – luckily, they’re so small that you can easily tuck them in your pocket or jacket to keep them cozy.

Photo: Canva / Getty Images

A good winter jacket and maybe even warm protective boots are ideal if you want to take a skinny greyhound with you into wintry weather. They’ll still be happy to come home to lounge around the fire.

Photo: Canva / Getty Images

Many people are surprised to hear that the Doberman is not particularly cold-tolerant – especially since he can take just about anything else.

Photo: Canva / Getty Images

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