Therapy Dogs Help UWS Students After Midterms

SUPERIOR, Wis.- The University of Wisconsin Superior today offered a special type of study break for students at the Jim Dan Hill Library.

UWS students completed their mid-term exams last week and local therapy dog ​​owners brought their furry friends to campus to help students relax.

Four dogs and a hedgehog showed up at the campus library to pet and kiss the students.

The group of pet owners visit various high school and college campuses across Northland during exam season in hopes of helping students ease their exam anxiety.

“I think this really helps with the mental health aspect because it is definitely overlooked. So if we focus more on mental health with these therapy dogs, it helps to declare all the health we need, ”said student Julieann Reindl.

The four-legged group will be back at the UWS this Thursday from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. and at the end of the year around the final exam week.

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