Therapy dog visits Lee Health staff to boost morale

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LEE COUNTY, Florida – To increase employee morale, HealthPark Medical Center staff were comforted by a cute therapy dog ​​named Dorian.

Dorian, a hospital-based community service dog at Golisano Children’s Hospital, has been used to bring some love and joy to healthcare workers hard hit by the pandemic.

“With the recent surge in COVID-19, our employees are understandably tired and concerned about the devastating loss of life they have witnessed. However, they continue to appear on the front lines for the Southwest Florida community, ”Lee Health wrote in a post on Facebook.

Child Life Specialist Erika Zalecky took Dorian to share some puppy love at the HealthPark Medical Center.

“When we see dogs, they are usually for the patients,” an HPMC told RN. “I’m so excited to see he came for us.”

Typically, Dorian’s job is to distract patients who may be experiencing discomfort and support families who have lost a loved one or received a serious diagnosis, Lee Health said.

“That was the toughest experience of my time here so far,” said Zalecky. “We are full on our floor in Golisano, no single bed is open. In the beginning we only looked after one or two patients a day, today there are over 10. “

Dorian has faced tons of abdominal rubbing and ear scratches from health workers.