The Wisdom Panel Cat DNA Test Is on Sale at Chewy

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Two years ago, I performed a DNA test on my rescue dog, Maverick, through the Wisdom Panel, which provided insight into his parentage and general health. When I saw the brand launch cat DNA testing, I knew I had to get one for my farm cat, Willis, right away. He looks like a typical domesticated cat, but is quite tall for his age (not overweight according to my vet) and has small tufts on his ears. It all made sense after getting his DNA results which were shocking to say the least. Plus, I was able to relax knowing that he didn’t have bad genes that would cause health problems in the future.

These types of tests can cost a pretty penny, but luckily, Wisdom Panel’s cat DNA test is discounted during Chewy’s early Christmas sale. If you’ve ever wondered about your cat’s ancestry, now is the time to find out while the test is reduced by 20 percent. Best of all, Wisdom Panel gives you updates on your pet’s results as technology advances. Over a year after I received my first results for Maverick, I received an email informing me of his updated results, which included even more information about his background.

In honor of National Cat Day (October 29th), add the Cat DNA Test to your cart while it’s on sale and find out what makes your feline friend special. There are many more breeds of cats than you might think, and this information can help you understand their appearance, behavior, and health.

Buy it! Wisdom Panel Cat DNA Test, $ 103.99 (orig. $ 129.99);

With detailed instructions, the process was easy to follow and the brand even gave tips on how best to get my cat’s DNA sample. I already have a Maverick Wisdom Panel account, so all I had to do was add another pet and fill in their information. If you’re new, you’ll be asked to create an account, which won’t take long.

The kit contains two swabs to collect specimen cells from your cheek, along with an envelope and shipping information. I’ll admit it was a lot easier to get the DNA sample from my dog ​​than swabbing a cat, but grabbing his neck with one hand and wiping it with the other made it manageable.

After using both swabs, I put them back in their packages, sealed the envelope, and filled in Willis’ information to make sure they knew which DNA sample he had. I like knowing that the brand is taking extra steps to avoid possible confusion. The shipping label was already there, so all I had to do was seal it and put it in my mailbox. About two weeks later, I received an email stating that Willis’ results were in.

The first thing I looked at was his parentage, which listed the breeds in order from most present to least. Its main breed is the American domestic cat (not surprisingly). Then Maine Coon, Sphynx (hairless cat) and LaPerm were listed. I couldn’t believe he was part of the Maine Coon, even though it made total sense, and I couldn’t help but laugh out loud to find out he was a hairless cat. I had never heard of LaPerm before so I did a quick google search and it told me they were cozy, soft, and purring loudly. All of these qualities make Willis fit a T – he’s the neediest and biggest cat I’ve ever had. He weighs a whopping 13 pounds!

Next, I took a look at his health exam and was glad to see that it is clear for any genetic health predispositions. When something remarkable or dangerous is discovered, you are given the name of the potential future complications along with a description of each. This would make it easier to explain to a veterinarian and take proper preventive care.

Finally, the Properties section predicts his coat type and color, tail length, and toe number based on the breeds he is associated with. Everything that was noted here was perfectly correct. Overall, it’s fun to look at the results and to know helpful if he should have any health complications in the future. To me, the money is worth the results, especially when it’s on sale.

This Wisdom Panel Cat DNA Test listing is only available for a few more days on the Chewy website. So take advantage of it while you can. You can also find other listings for toys, treats, beds, and more. Don’t be afraid to fill your shopping cart before things sell out.