The Williamston Cat Lady Needs Help From The Community

At some point, you’ve likely stumbled upon a stray cat or two.

I’ve lived in Williamston for almost a year now and there are tons of cats walking around the area.

The other day I was on my way home from work and noticed that a woman was setting up a cat trap near my apartment complex.

I assumed she was a Good Samaritan who works with a local animal shelter to catch wild cats in the area.

I did a little digging and it turned out I was right.

The Williamston Community Cats Project

Sara Brockmiller, also known as the Williamston Community Cat Lady, runs the Facebook page The Williamston Community Cats Project.

She has cared for the stray cats in her community for years while volunteering with Saved By Zade, a nonprofit for cats.

Brockmiller also captures, castrates and returns (TNR) strays to reduce the number of strays on the streets.

Identifying a TNR cat is pretty easy as its left ear is usually tilted. This helps people such as janitors, trappers or animal controls to determine whether a cat has already been neutered.

Brockmiller told FOX 47 that she is currently dealing with panleukopenia, which is similar to canine parvovirus. Unfortunately, this means that for the time being she will no longer be able to take in cats as the virus can remain in the environment for a year.

How can you help

Most care programs or nonprofits live on volunteers and donations.

Several cats and kittens need foster care. If you are someone who is unable to care but still wants to donate, every little bit helps!

If you’re interested in donating or sponsoring, please find more information by visiting Saved By Zade or joining The Williamston Community Cats Project Facebook group!

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