The way to assist your cat whether it is affected by weak kidneys

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The longer a cat lives, the more likely it is that it will have kidney problems. Chronic kidney disease is the leading cause of death in older cats. And while it’s not curable, there are things you can do to make your pet’s life a little easier.

According to experts from the German Association for Animal Health, the disease is characterized by a gradual progression of symptoms that most pet owners do not notice.

These symptoms include your cat drinking more than usual, or urinating and vomiting. Other signs could include lack of energy, weight loss, and a dull coat.

Unfortunately, by the time these symptoms occur, the damage to the kidneys is well advanced. Regular check-ups are important to prevent kidney damage, especially in older cats.

Once your cat is showing symptoms, you can help your sick pet by providing drinking water in as many places around the house as possible.

This makes it easier for your cat to meet their increased water needs and reduces the risk of dehydration. Cat food can also be mixed with additional water.

Switching to a special diet helps to compensate for the reduced kidney function and the resulting deficiency symptoms. This can slow the disease progression significantly, but ultimately there is no cure. – dpa