The Traditional Cat Alleges California Lockdowns Violate Civil Rights and Might Shut Doorways of Iconic West Hollywood Restaurant

WEST HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA – (BUSINESS WIRE) – A group of small investors had a dream: to rebuild The Classic Cat, a legendary Sunset Strip hotspot that celebrates the past but reflects the upscale West Hollywood destination today. Located on famous Sunset Boulevard near the legendary nightclubs Whiskey a Go Go and The Viper Room, The Classic Cat was a regular hangout for Hollywood stars.

Then the #COVID-19 pandemic – a sure-fire challenge for restaurants across the country. But surviving the numerous challenges during the global pandemic pale in comparison to the arbitrary, bureaucratic nightmare that Los Angeles County and the city of West Hollywood are now imposing on the restaurant – and so many other restaurants.

The restaurant leaned back to please the county and town to reach the goal posts that keep moving. A retractable roof in the restaurant creates a COVID-safe outdoor terrace. The restaurant also added numerous protective measures, including installing plexiglass and improving ventilation. Meanwhile, unconstitutional shutdowns and restrictions prevail, while heads of government and health inspectors issue arbitrary orders while protecting health data from the public, according to the individuals involved. Despite their best efforts, The Classic Cat received notice from a health inspector that they will be closed THIS FRIDAY, March 5th.

“We understood the need to protect public safety during a pandemic and, like so many restaurant owners, we bent over backwards to be as proactive as possible,” said Donn Berdahl, investor at The Classic Cat. “However, our reopening has been delayed for months. The longer the delays, the more our expenses pile up without incurring income and our employees face the prospect of losing their jobs. ”

Following this latest threat of closure, Classic Cat owners have no choice but to step up their efforts to protect their investment, as well as the restaurant workers they consider family members, by filing a lawsuit against the broad, vague government transgression.

“Patience can only get you this far if you stick to the rules, but how are companies supposed to survive when the rules of the game are constantly changing?” said Rod Pacheco of Pacheco & Neach PC, the law firm representing The Classic Cat. Pacheco is a noted trial attorney, former elected lawmaker, and district attorney in Southern California

An upcoming deadline of THIS FRIDAY, March 5th, could close the restaurant’s doors, put dozens of employees out of work and leave the city of West Hollywood with reduced tax revenues that the city would normally receive from the restaurant.

“Small business owners, restaurant owners and workers need immediate protection,” said Pacheco. “We need immediate injunctive relief from an overarching government that has not provided health data to justify its capricious and arbitrary shutdown orders.”

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