The top 10 dog-friendly city breaks in Europe for a furry adventure

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Since the lockdown, dog ownership has increased an astonishing 18 percent. Having a four-legged friend trotting around your house while stuck inside indefinitely has increased people’s mental and physical health tremendously.

Now travel is opening up again, many of us can’t stand the thought of leaving them behind. This new study analyzed cities around the world using a variety of factors to determine where to find the most dog-friendly travel destinations.

The study, conducted by Good Trip Clothing, looked at 50 popular city break destinations across Europe and ranked them based on:

  • Number of dog-friendly hotels
  • Number of dog-friendly restaurants
  • Parks, open spaces and access to nature
  • Average high temperature

Here are the results.

Top 10 European cities to take your dog with on vacation

10. Rome, Italy

Although Rome has more dog-friendly hotels than any other city in Europe (596 to be precise), Rome only made it to 10th place.

9. Vienna, Austria

Vienna has earned a place in the top 10 thanks to a large number of dog-friendly hotels and green spaces to run around.

8. Warsaw, Poland

As Poland’s second highest entry in the top 10, Warsaw’s slightly cooler temperatures and high number of dog-friendly restaurants make it a strong contender for your dog.

7. Krakow, Poland

First up for Poland is Krakow with 144 dog-friendly hotels, 104 restaurants and the same cool climate as Warsaw.

6. Hamburg, Germany

Is it a coincidence that the Hamburg capital ranks 6th in the world? We don’t think Even though there are only 51 dog-friendly restaurants in town – relatively few compared to the rest of the top 10 – how could you deny your pup the taste of Germany’s most popular cuisine?

5. Moscow, Russia

With the lowest average temperature in the top 10 and a total of 260 parks, Moscow ranks 5th. It might be worth packing your dog’s coat if you want to tackle the Russian capital in winter.

4. Milan, Italy

Italy’s fashion capital ranks second after Rome in terms of dog-friendly restaurants, with 295 locations welcoming our furry friends to the grounds. It is also second only to Rome in high temperatures with an average of 18 degrees all year round.

3. Prague, Czech Republic

With an average travel time of two hours by plane, Prague ranks third for high numbers across the board and easy access from the rest of Europe.

2. Berlin, Germany

Berlin ranks second on the list with an index value of 211. Its cooler temperatures make it an ideal stopover.

1. Paris, France

What would the city of love be without your best friend?

Thanks to its 351 dog-friendly hotels, 184 dog-friendly restaurants and easy travel options, the French capital came out on top with a total of 216 points.

Commenting on the investigation, Danny Sullivan, founder of Good Trip Clothing, said:

Hopefully our research will result in owners having a great vacation with their dogs once the borders are fully open again.

A list of full travel restrictions across Europe can be found here in our daily updated guide.