The TEMPTATIONS™ Model Launches Two New Cat Deal with Merchandise And Groups Up With Actor And Fellow Cat-Lover, Skylar Astin

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“The TEMPTATIONS brand is introducing two new types of treats to meet the changing needs of cat parents,” he said Craig Neely, Vice President Marketing at Mars Petcare. “With pet-parent relationships stronger than ever, these innovative new treats are the perfect way to treat your cat with the variety and meaty taste they crave.”

To introduce the new goodies, the brand has teamed up with the television and film star. Skylar Astin. As fans know, Astin is a huge animal lover and proud cat father, which makes him the purring person who helps the TEMPTATIONS brand reveal these exciting new goodies. He treated his own cat, Annabelle, with the new products, and the reviews were mostly paw sensitive.

“I am happy to have found treats that my cat Annabelle will enjoy and that I feel good when I give her something. So I am very happy to be working with the TEMPTATIONS brand,” said Astin. “I love that the products she eats are made with real meat and are a fun addition to her diet.”

About the new products

  • TEMPTATIONS MEATY BITES treats are soft and hearty treats made from real meat, with no artificial flavors or colors and only two calories per treat, so cat owners can feel comfortable satisfying their pet’s natural carnivorous cat instinct. Each MEATY BITES treatment is 34% protein, making them easy prey for hungry cats in search of treats. Try to hide the goodies around your house and let your pet sneak around and chase or toss them in the air and give your kitten a jumping exercise to capture the bouncing goodies.
  • TEMPTATIONS CREAMY PURRRR-ÉE is an irresistibly creamy cat treat that delivers delicious flavors cats love, in the perfectly smooth texture they can’t get enough of. The treat comes in single serving pouches to reduce convenience and clutter. It can be served as a snack that is hand-given for playful gluing, or used as a special cat food topper to make mealtime even more fun. Either way, cats and owners will love the special time they spend together.

The products are supported by two new online videos that highlight the uniqueness of each enjoyment. The MEATY BITES commercial opens on a herd of goodies emanating from a predator in the savannah. One of the treats falls victim to the cat, and we realize that the savannah is closer to home than we think. The commercial CREAMY PURRRR-ÉE plays the concept of spending so much time with someone that you see each other right away – in this case with an owner and his cat Buttons.

Visit to purchase TEMPTATIONS MEATY BITES and CREAMY PURRRR-ÉE. More information is available at

About the TEMPTATIONS ™ brand
TEMPTATIONS ™ Treats are America’s favorite cat treats, providing a fun and playful treatment experience for both cats and their owners. With a texture that is crispy on the outside and has a soft, meaty center, just shaking the bag is enough to make your cat’s mouth water! Look for TEMPTATIONS ™ treats for cats that sell pet foods across the country. More information is available at

About Mars Petcare
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