The SHEBA® Model Releases New Sleep-Inducing Advert to Assist Cat Mother and father Get Again to Sleep

“While we all know that sleep is precious, most cat parents would say that they put their cats’ needs before their own,” he said Craig Neely, Vice President Marketing at Mars Petcare. “The SHEBA® brand understands how much we like to give in to our cats and has developed this sleep-inducing content in collaboration with sleep scientists to help them fall back into a peaceful sleep after meeting our cats’ needs in the early morning.”

In collaboration with Behavioral Sleep Therapist, Donna Pretty, and Renata Riha, a sleep doctor from the University of EdinburghThe new SHEBA® brand ad is designed to help parents in the early hours of the morning, when they grab their cell phones the most. Developed by AMV BBDO, the 4 am Sleep-Inducing Film uses a combination of the best sleep techniques – including 20-minute body scans, ASMR voices, calm visual effects, meditation, and calming colors – to help cat parents get off their phones and go back to sleep.

“The film contains several sleep strategies that are helpful in inducing sleep,” he said Donna Pretty. “The calm colors and music, coupled with the tone of the voices, make this content very relaxing and should be effective for anyone with sleep problems.”

The content can be displayed on the YouTube channel of the SHEBA® brand as well as on their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages. The brand has also curated one 4 am Lullaby Spotify album to help cat families get back to sleep.

About the SHEBA® brand
The SHEBA® brand knows that cat owners love cats for their independent spirits, personalities and discerning palates. For this reason, the SHEBA brand puts cats at the center of its activities. She creates premium recipes with irresistible real meat, fish or poultry, with no artificial flavors and is designed to awaken the unique tastes and desires of cats. The SHEBA brand values ​​the relationship between cats and their owners and uses that understanding to celebrate and strengthen their unique bond. Check out SHEBA premium cat food and cat treats at retailers across the country. More information is available at

About Mars Petcare
As part of Mars, Incorporated, a family business with more than a century of history that makes a variety of products and services for people and pets who love people, Mars Petcare’s 85,000 employees in over 50 countries are dedicated to one cause: A BETTER WORLD FOR PETS ™. With 85 years of experience, our portfolio of nearly 50 brands meets the health and nutritional needs of the world’s pets – including the PEDIGREE®, WHISKAS®, ROYAL CANIN®, NUTRO ™, GREENIES ™, SHEBA®, CESAR®, IAMS ™ and EUKANUBA ™ and the Waltham Petcare Science Institute, which has been researching pet nutrition and health for over 50 years. Mars Petcare is also a leading veterinarian through an international network of over 2,000 veterinary clinics and diagnostic services including BANFIELD ™, BLUEPEARL ™, VCA ™, Linnaeus, AniCura and Antech. We’re also active in pet innovation and technology. These include the WISDOM PANEL ™ genetic health screening and DNA testing for dogs, the WHISTLE ™ GPS dog tracker, and the LEAP VENTURE STUDIO Accelerator and COMPANION FUND programs, which drive innovations and disruptions in the animal care industry. As a family business that is guided by our principles, we have the flexibility to fight for what we believe in – and we choose: A BETTER WORLD FOR PETS.


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