The perfect kidney well being complement for cats

Maintaining proper kidney and bladder function often becomes more difficult as the cats age. Cats get a large part of their daily fluid intake from both fresh water and wet food. You can also get essential amino acids from your dry and wet diet. Strengthening these natural sources with a kidney health supplement is a good idea for mature cat owners, and younger cats can benefit too.

If you want to add a supplement to your cat’s daily diet that supports kidney and bladder health, check out our Buying Guide. It covers many of the questions you might have about diet supplements for cats. Our first choice is AminAvast Kidney Support Supplement for Cats and Dogs, a comprehensive formula in an easy-to-administer powder form.

What to Know Before Buying a Kidney Health Supplement for Cats

It is important to remember that most cat kidney health supplements do not contain active ingredients or prescription drugs. The focus is on vitamins, minerals, cultures, and enzymes that promote overall digestive health. Potassium is a common ingredient, as are B-complex vitamins, vitamin C, and vitamin E.

Some supplement mixes also contain omega-3 fatty acids for a general boost. Organic or natural products can also contain a number of herbs, including cinnamon, camu camu, nettle, or angelica.

Administering kidney supplements to cats shouldn’t be a battle of wills. Manufacturers package their products in different ways. Therefore, owners should decide which method is best for their pet.

Encapsulated powders, or “litter” powders, can be added to a cat’s regular food, but some cats may notice the difference in taste or smell. Liquids can also be added to food or given orally with a pipette or syringe. If pills are relatively easy for a cat, a pill supplement may be the way to go. Chewable treats that contain nutritional supplements for the kidneys do exist but may not have universal appeal.

Kidney health supplement for cat traits

While flavorings aren’t strictly necessary for health reasons, many manufacturers add appealing flavors like beef, fish, or chicken for reluctant pets. Some experimentation may be required to find the right flavor.

Active bacterial cultures promote overall gut and digestive health, so some manufacturers include them in kidney-friendly supplement formulas. Some shelf-stable mixes contain deactivated bacteria and other probiotic ingredients. Others contain active probiotic cultures and must be kept refrigerated.

Kidney health supplement for cats costs

Smaller packets of kidney-friendly staples are available for less than $ 25, but better quality powders, liquids, and chewable tablets cost $ 25 to $ 40. High-end formulas with active probiotic cultures and a comprehensive blend of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids cost between $ 40 and $ 60.

Kidney Health Supplements for Cats FAQ

If my cat is on a prescription kidney health drug, can I still give them other OTC supplements?

A. This question is best answered by your veterinarian. Some supplements can make prescription drugs less effective, including those for kidney problems. You should mention any OTC supplements you are already feeding your cat and ask about any new ones you are considering.

My older cat drinks more water and pees more these days. Could these be signs of a serious kidney problem?

A. Dehydration, frequent urination, and unexplained weight loss are indicators of possible kidney disease, but only your veterinarian can do the tests to confirm the diagnosis.

Which Cat Kidney Health Supplement Should I Get?

Best of the best kidney health supplement for cats

AminAvast Kidney Support Supplement for Cats and Dogs: available at Amazon and Tough

Our opinion: This supplement formula is best for aging cats who already have kidney problems or other chronic conditions. Younger, healthier cats may not need a boost.

What we like: Improves coats, skin and appetite. Results seen within weeks. Powder formulation is easy to dispense in food. Effective combination of amino acids and a peptide.

What we don’t like: Not recommended for healthier cats on a high protein diet. Some allergic reactions have been reported.

Best Bang for Your Buck Kidney Health Supplement for Cats

Liquid-Vet Kidney and Bladder Support Seafood Flavor Cat Supplement: available at Tough

Our opinion: This affordable liquid supplement helps build support for cats with known bladder problems or older cats in need of the amino acid boost.

What we like: Appealing taste profile. Suitable for cats of all ages. Liquid formulation mixes easily with food. Helps to stimulate the appetite.

What we don’t like: The formula must be kept refrigerated and have a limited shelf life after first use.

Honorable Mention Kidney Health Supplement for Cats

Vetoquinol Azodyl Kidney Health Supplement for Dogs and Cats: available at Amazon

Our opinion: This powerful kidney supplement is expensive, but it contains ingredients not always found in other OTC blends. Best for cats who are easy to pill.

What we like: Contains useful probiotic cultures. Suitable for cats and dogs of all ages. Does not affect other dietary supplements. Naturally detoxifies the kidneys.

What we don’t like: Expensive price. It is given in capsule form, not as a powder or liquid food additive.

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