The Newbie’s Information to Proudly owning Your First Canine

The decision to become the proud owner of a dog is a long-term decision that should not be made in a hurry.

A dog needs a lot of love, care, and affection. If you can’t give him the attention he needs and deserves, becoming a dog owner may not be right for you right now.

However, when you have the time, energy, and love for a dog, this is an exciting time in your life. A dog is a welcome addition to any household. They are vibrant, fun, and loving animals that can change the way you look at life and provide you with the camaraderie that many people crave. To make sure that your dog (and you) are getting the best of each other, you need to prepare yourself, your home, and your family for introducing a lovable pooch.

How can you do that Well, you won’t just become a dog owner overnight. Typically, you’ll want to research the breed of dog that best fits your lifestyle and make arrangements for work if necessary (you may need to book a few weeks off while your dog settles in). You’ll also want to prep your home, find a trusted veterinarian, and book your dog for training classes.

For those of you wondering if a dog is right, or you, or hoping to have your first dog soon, the following guide is here to help you prepare and become the best dog owner ever.

Know what to expect

Many of us consider puppies to be cute and lovable animals who make great companions. And while this is true, being a dog owner is much more than cuddling puppies. First, you really need to understand what it is like to own a dog and the responsibilities that come with a dog. Dogs need a lot of love, affection, and exercise. A dog may not suit your lifestyle or circumstances and it is your duty to decide before adopting a pooch and bringing it into your life. Remember, dogs are for life, not a short time, because they “wanted one”.

How your dog behaves depends on its age, but also on the environment it comes from. For example, a rescue puppy or dog may be more shy and you may need to slowly introduce the dog into the home and family. Typically, a rescue center will give you tips on how to get a rescued dog home. If you are not sure, contact a veterinarian or the rescue center staff for help.

Get your home ready

Your home may need adjustments when the new puppy or dog arrives. You should remove anything valuable and put it away to reduce the risk of breakage if your dog is agitated and bumps into furniture. You should also make sure that your puppy or dog has a place to relax and sleep, as well as a place to eat and drink. First, close all the doors to the rooms and slowly introduce your dog into each area of ​​your home. Also decide whether rules apply, such as: B. do not sleep on the sofa or enter a room. If so, you may want to keep the door closed and train your dog later.

Decide on the right breed of dog for you

There are many different breeds to choose from, each with their own quirks, personalities, and needs. You need to research each breed and decide if it is right for you and suits your lifestyle. Remember, there is a lot more to a dog breed than what it looks like!

If you are not sure which breed of dog is best for you, there are many lists online that list the popular dog breeds, as well as the reasons why they are popular and what to expect. Popular dog breeds are usually:

  • Labradors
  • French Bulldogs (AKA Frenchies)
  • The Akita
  • Shiba Inus

Once you’ve decided on your breed, research its temperament, size, and typical life expectancy. For example, a Shiba Inu is known to be active, alert, and alert. Additionally, due to their small size, they make good family dogs and are good around children.

Learn more about typical dog behavior

As we briefly touched upon, each dog will have its own behavior. These behaviors may have developed because of their race, but also because of their upbringing. It is always best to research the breed beforehand and learn how to handle your future dog. However, you may also want to speak to the owners or the rescue center that you plan to pick up your dog from. Not only do they know your new dog personally and can provide advice on grooming, but they also know general best practices for grooming your type of dog.

For example, a Belgian Malinois is known to be hardworking and smart. Therefore, it may be suggested that you find toys to occupy them and allow them to use their brains in solving puzzles for a reward.

Remember that dogs can sometimes appear unusual. This may surprise you. However, there will usually always be a reason for how your dog behaves. For example, your dog will most likely get the Zoomies. The zoomies are a common behavior for dogs, but can seem unusual to new dog owners. If your dog experiences zoomies frequently, it can lead to stiff joints (especially in older dogs). You can protect your dog’s joints and alleviate or prevent stiff joints by investing in joint supplements. In this way, you protect your dog’s wellbeing. If you want to learn more about what the zoomies are, why they occur, and whether they can lead to stiff joints, check out this article over at YuMOVE for more information.

Understand your dog’s basic needs

Your dog will have basic needs that are a necessity to make sure they are happy and healthy. This will give them food, water, and the care and attention they need, such as cuddling and long walks. However, your dog may also need other basic needs such as special foods and supplements. If so, you need to make sure this is covered once you receive your new dog. If your dog is shy and needs a quiet space, this is also a basic need to consider.

Find a good veterinarian

Your dog’s health and wellbeing should be your top priority. Hence, you need to find a good veterinarian nearby who can take care of your dog. When looking for a veterinarian, be sure to ask for recommendations from friends and family members who also have pets. You can recommend someone who is trustworthy. You should also go online and be sure to read testimonials and reviews.

Slowly introduce your new dog to the family

Your dog needs to be slowly introduced into your family. Meeting new people and being introduced to a new environment can be overwhelming. You can reduce the chances of this frightening your dog by making the transition as slow and seamless as possible. There are many guides on how to do this online.

Buying a dog is an obligation. You should only consider becoming a pet owner if you are one hundred percent able to take care of them and yourself and ensure that they are receiving the right love and affection that is needed. However, remember that dogs are lovable animals and are sure to make your life a lot more enjoyable and happier.

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