The Move to Amarillo School of Veterinary Medicine Has Begun

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Two years after the groundbreaking on the Amarillo campus, the staff and faculty at Texas Tech University School of Veterinary Medicine have started moving it.

Texas Tech has been talking about building a new veterinary program for over 50 years, but the time has finally come.

Veterinary Faculty Dean Guy Longeragan said:

Today is such an exciting day. I – we all – still have to pinch each other to know this is not a dream. It’s real And it happened because so many did it that way. In particular, the Amarillo community and surrounding region, as well as the AEDC, have come together to achieve success. We are happy to call Amarillo home. Our incredible team came to Amarillo primarily to be a part of the school. They were welcomed with open arms.

KAMC News reports that the school currently has a team of 57 faculty and staff and a team of around 120 is expected at the time.

While the employees are moving to the east wing of the Amarillo campus, the west wing is still being built. The west wing houses the laboratory and research facilities, but should be completed in October 2021.

Students will arrive on Monday 9 August for orientation and classes will officially begin on Monday 16 August.


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