The Last Chance Animal Rescue, Edenbridge and New Romney, have more dogs than ever looking for foster homes after surge in ‘lockdown puppies’

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With many people stuck at home for months during the lockdown, pet ownership increased significantly as many rushed to find a furry companion.

But as our lives are now returning to normal, the puppies are now being returned to the rescue centers and have to keep looking for foster care.

Our colleagues from KMTV visited the lonely puppies

Animal welfare organizations across the county have noted an increase in the number of dogs being abandoned as the reality of life sets in and the practicality of owning a pet becomes apparent.

Jenny Mansfield, Last Chance Animal Rescue, said, “Most of the time it’s because people have gone back to work or have gotten a lot bigger or more resilient than they expected.

“We always get one or the other few who are underweight or get lost, and then they can have health problems or skin problems.

“The majority, however, are just young and exuberant, and their owners didn’t really think it through during the pandemic.”

Sasha the French Bulldog

As an overwhelming number of dogs are being brought to the rescue, they are urgently calling for help.

They need willing owners who will come forward and take care of the lone canines to ensure they have enough capacity to accommodate newcomers for the next year as well.

At the New Romney location, they have 10 dogs that are forever looking for their home, including Sasha, a three-year-old French bulldog.

Ms. Mansfield added, “We use foster homes when we have very young dogs, older dogs, or dogs with health problems that need to be kept in our care a little longer rather than being re-admitted immediately.

“We don’t want them just sitting in a kennel while we wait for them to find a permanent home.”

The rescue pays for food, equipment, and medical billsThe rescue pays for food, equipment, and medical bills

She continued, “Some dogs, like Sasha, have persistent health problems that we needed to treat.

“We wouldn’t want her to sit in a kennel for a few months while we fix this treatment.

“We’d prefer her to go home with someone who will take care of her and give her lots of love and attention.”

The perfect candidate for caring for a dog will be at home for most of the day, not having young children, and preferably without other pets.

Foster families are not paid, but Last Chance Animal Rescue provides the dog with food, equipment and medical care.

They hope more people will come forward to care for their lonely pupsThey hope more people will come forward to care for their lonely pups

The rescue hopes more people will consider care, if only for a short period of time.

If you are interested in grooming a Last Chance Animal Rescue dog, click here or call 01797 366620.