The importance of representation in veterinary medicine

During an interview, dvm360® student ambassador, Lakhia Fuller, MS, explained why representation in veterinary medicine is crucial to future generations of veterinary professionals.

In an interview with dvm360®, Lakhia Fuller, MS, a dvm360® student ambassador, explained her experiences struggling with the lack of representation in veterinary medicine, plus she shared the importance of finding a support network to help you succeed.

View the video below for the entire discussion. The following is a partial transcript.

Lakhia Fuller, MS: [In] my junior year of college I didn’t know any Black [veterinarians] and I was like okay maybe [veteinrary medicine] isn’t for me. I applied to a clinical laboratory science, like professional phase program, got accepted, and I was like: ‘Actually this is not what I want to do.’ I want to be a [veterinarian]’I just don’t know anyone who looks like me.’ So I had to find and connect myself with a network of people.

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