The Hudson Valley has a Cat Café in Beacon

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I have had dogs in my family all my life. There were Freddie, the big German shepherd, Augie Dog, the terrier mutt, Cinders, the Cockapoo, and those are just the three dogs I grew up with. If you’re wondering if we never had cats in the house because my mom hated litter boxes and some of us had allergies, I was one of them. My only interaction with cats that grew up was in the barn I rode in or at a friend’s house.

I’ve always been interested in cats. You seem to have such an incredibly detached personality. They don’t need people, they choose people. Growing up some of my friends had cats and I loved how different they could be from dogs. This is one of the reasons I believe there is such a thing as cat and dog people. If I wasn’t allergic to cats I would love to be both.

Why do I suspect that I am a cat lover at heart? Simply because today I stumbled upon a post for a cat café in Beacon and actually wanted to see it. If you haven’t heard of a place like this, they’re pretty cool. They actually have the dog cafes, but I don’t know any in the Hudson Valley.

What is a cat café? In the case of the Beans Cat Café in Beacon, it’s a café that has a cat parlor where you can interact with cats that are up for adoption. There is a fee to hang out with the cats which helps pay for their room and meals while they wait to find a home. The next time you’re at Beacon and need a cup of coffee if you’re a cat person then you need to check and possibly bring a friend of a dog person with you.

The Beans Cat Café is located on Beacon at 325 Main Street. They serve coffee, hot chocolate, typical drinks and pastries. You can call 845-440-8243 to find out more.

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