The future of veterinary medicine

From the “new normal” to the “new future”, discover the positive effects of COVID-19 on veterinary medicine.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the veterinary profession has demonstrated resilience and adaptability. In fact, grocery stores and restaurants have modeled the high quality customer experience we deliver to our customers through roadside care. It’s pretty spectacular what we achieved during one of the worst pandemics of our lives. I have spoken with colleagues across the country and around the world about the transition from the “new normal” to the “new future” and I love it. Here are 4 reasons why you will too.

  1. Improved security and cleaning protocols. We have implemented world-class hygiene and disinfection protocols in hospitals to minimize the transmission of not only COVID-19 but other bacterial and viral pathogens as well. In fact, many clinics now have innovative technologies such as ultraviolet radiation to kill pathogens in veterinary clinics. Newer Standard Operating Procedures have also been developed to help keep our customers, employees and pets safe.
  2. Powerful physical exam tools. How many times has your temperature been taken during this pandemic? How many demonstrations did you go through? The pandemic has enabled the successful introduction of thermography, which helps detect inflammation in pets. This is just one of many innovative tools that have enhanced and increased the value of physical exams in veterinary medicine.
  3. Improved workflow efficiency. At first, Curbside felt like a distraction to our daily workflow. But look how far we’ve come! I’ve spoken to countless coworkers planning to keep roadside check-in for technician visits, surgical deliveries, and medication / food restockings. Some practices have even added a column for roadside appointments to their practice management software. This can be considered to implement in your veterinary practice.
  4. Flexible planning. Employers have given veterinarians and support staff a day to focus on virtual care (telemedicine advice), lab work and customer recalls, and creating social media content. They also have time to attend further training courses.

I invite you to share with our dvm360® team what the future of veterinary medicine looks like for you and your team. What challenges did you and your team master in these difficult times? What are your jumps for the rest of 2021? Our profession will face future obstacles, but we will overcome them together, as we have done in the past and will continue to do in the future!

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