The Future Markets Research Releases Market Commentary on Innocan Pharma, an up-and-coming Leader in CBD Veterinary Solutions

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LONDON — PESG Research, a research group under the Future Markets Research Tank (FMRT), in proud to release market commentary on Innocan Pharma, an up-and-coming leader in the CBD veterinary solutions industry. To read the full report click here, or follow the link:

Key Insights:

  • It’s apparent that the veterinary pharma industry offers substantial economic opportunities for the nimble competitor. Given the attractive attributes of its emerging drug technologies, Innocan is poised to take a leadership role in this nascent sector.
  • Innocan has developed several new drug delivery platforms to tackle the perceived low bioavailability of CBD head on and significantly improve upon current delivery mechanisms.
  • Both of Innocan’s LPT and CSX technologies have commercially feasible applications in the veterinary services realm to combat maladies like anxiety, inflammation and pain management.
  • CBD as a medical solution for animals is still in its infancy. Although many substantial Pharma companies are active in Veterinary Services, Innocan stands alone in targeting the intersection of Veterinary Services and CBD.
  • As Innocan moves to begin the licensing and monetization of its technology, the company will likely become a viable acquisition target for deep pocketed competitors.
  • Recent transactions highlight market interest in cannabis and differentiated technologies, respectively. Pfizer’s $6.7B acquisition of Arena in December 2021, provided the company with an entrance into the Cannabis space. In November 2021, Lonza acquired an exosome manufacturing facility from Codiak Biosciences. Certainly Innocan could be high on a Pharma CEO’s wish list, especially as the company moves to monetize its LPT technology in 2022. Whether as a buyout target or through pursuing the monetization of its LPT and CSX technologies, Innocan is certainly well positioned for financial success .

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The Future Markets Research Tank Staff Commented:

“It’s well-established that CBD holds immense potential as a therapeutic ingredient, hence given its low bioavailability and rapid degradation in the liver it is yet to be administered to humans as a drug. As the market evolves towards commercialization of cannabinoids as Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients, we covered several leading companies in the field, with an emphasis on Innocan Pharma. We hope that the information presented will assist the public in assessing the risks and opportunities of the field”.

To read the full report click here, or follow the link:

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Ronald Kaufman
Future Markets Research Tank (FMRT)


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