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The Dog House aired its final episode of season three on Thursday evening on Channel 4. Viewers were introduced to Margot the brown and white border collie who came to Wood Green, The Animals Charity, after developing an obsession with chasing shadows. While her owner didn’t want to give her up, she knew it was “the right thing to do” and hoped the loveable pooch would soon be adopted by a new family.

Margot the lively collie had become obsessed with chasing shadows and was described as being “manic” by her owner.

The dog was young and healthy but the owner was struggling to cope with her high energy as she had difficulties with her own health.

So the owner called up the shelter and explained why she felt she had to give up Margot.

A phone call to the shelter was aired on the show of her saying: “She’s not just a collie, she’s excessively manic.”

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Due to her obsession with shadows, she needed professional help from the team at the shelter.

Later on in the episode, the owner’s daughter had the heartbreaking task of dropping Margot off at the rescue centre.

She explained: “We got her as company for my mum and my mum was more mobile at the time but I was getting concerned because mum makes it into the garden maybe once or twice a day and tries to play frisbee with her but it’s just got less and less and Margot is just not getting the exercise.”

“It’s just all getting too much for my mother,” she added as a curious Margot was investigating her surroundings.

Later in the episode, a couple were matched with Margot and thought she would be the ideal walking companion.

Kat, who decided to adopt the bubbly pup with her partner, said: “The first weekend we had her home we really saw the shadow chasing to its full extent.”

However, she said Margot has got noticeably better and she tries to walk her an average of ten miles a day.

Many viewers were left in tears over Margot’s adoption and took to Twitter to comment on her new life.