The Dog Father of Harlem, Brian Taylor, takes the Pup Relief Tour to Las Vegas

HARLEM, NY, August 6, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Brian Taylor is popularly known as the Harlem Canine Dad, and he has continued to strive to bond pets with their parents as the Pup Relief Tour begins July 26thJune 2021. Brian and his buddies will travel to Philly, Orlando, Birmingham, Fort Wayne and Vegas to clean as many buddies as possible, true to the motto – “Bring us closer together through the love of puppies!” They cared for over 1200 puppies for free. Las Vegas is the final stop where 300 puppies are available for the homeless population in. should be bred Las Vegas.

Since 2014 Street Dogz, a Las Vegas Non-profit, is dedicated to providing help and supplies to homeless and low-income animal owners in the valley. The organization’s dedicated volunteers distribute more than 5,000 pounds of animal feed each month and help get over 500 animals neutered or neutered annually. Through our partnership with the Nevada Homeless Alliance and our volunteer groomer, Brandy Glasgow, Street Dogz has been offering free maintenance at pop-up service events for a number of years.

We look forward to working with Brian Taylor and this year’s Pup Relief Tour. on August 7th and 8th, Street Dogz and the Pup Relief Tour host Las Vegas’ first free pop-up grooming event at the Whitney Senior Center.

More than 15 professional zookeepers and 49 volunteers come from across the country to attend. Grooming is an important part of a dog’s health and wellbeing, and can be another barrier for pet owners who run into financial difficulties. Street Dogz continues to pursue our goal of preventing pets from being given away due to lack of resources.

The Street Dogz / Pup Relief Tour Pop Up Grooming Event will take place on August 7th and 8th of 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at Whitney Senior Center, 5712 East Missouri Ave, Las Vegas, Nevada 89122. There are no requirements to use care services. Properly worn masks are required inside the building.

For more information about the Pup Relief Tour and to take part in this amazing experience, visit – or call Brian Taylor on 732-207-6244.

SOURCE Pup Relief Tour

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