The Critteraid Animal Sanctuary in Summerland rescued cats throughout the chilly snap, with one candy kitty recovering nicely after getting hypothermia – Penticton Information

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Hypothermic cat is recovering

Casey Richardson

The Critteraid Animal Sanctuary in Summerland has an elderly cat who was rescued in very poor health in the recent severe cold.

“Indigo was one of four emergencies we responded to during that cold snap. She was in the most severe shape when she came to us. She was in a hypothermic state until she passed out,” said Jess Byer, Critteraid Animal director said.

“With our great veterinarian team and animal care team, we put a very gentle warming process into an action plan and started it off with slow, small meals.”

Thanks to her spirit of life, indigo showed progress in her health.

“We are very, very happy to say that while she is not completely out of the woods, she is on the mend and will look for a home forever.”

The owner must be able to look after Indigo’s health as she suffers from a thyroid disease and needs special care and attention due to the severe cold and for so long alone.

“Much more support than other older kittens, but when someone is ready to take on this amazing girl, when she is healthy and happy, we would love to hear from you,” added Byer.

“Indigo is really an amazing little girl and she is a fighter.”

For information on Indigo and the adoption process, please email Critteraid at [email protected]