The Christmas outfit that the Bermúdez Dog boasted that caused a stir on the internet

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Home »Health» The Christmas outfit that the Bermúdez dog bragged about caused a sensation on the Internet December 27, 2021 Enrique Bermúdez received congratulations on World Dog Day (Photo: Instagram / @ enriquebermudez_)

The Christmas spirit reached the houses of the sports medium in Mexico. Liga Mx footballers, coaches, assistants, managers and commentators enjoyed Christmas with their loved ones. Many bragged about images of the moment on their social networks showing how they celebrated on these memorial days.

One of the most peculiar photographs was shared by TUDN’s emblematic narrator, Enrique Bermúdez de la Serna. The better known as “The Dog” showed up on his official Twitter account with a Santa Claus outfit and a long white beard, characteristic of the same character who fulfills the dreams of thousands of children year after year.

“Jojojo Merry Christmas!” wrote the commentator in his publication on the picture from December 25th, which is dedicated to all his followers and users of the digital platform. The comments on the photo showed the affection of many people for the narrator, who with his lovable phrases like “Zambombazo”, “Tirititito” and others has been part of the popular culture of Mexican open television for several decades.

The narrator showed off his Christmas outfit on his social networks (Photo: Twitter / @enriquebermudez)

Many fans not only showed their affection, but took advantage of the fact that Bermúdez was dressed as Santa Claus to ask to make some dreams come true for the next year. The most common requests were reinforcements for America, Chivas, Cruz Azul and a few other Mexican football clubs. Among the comments is a user who has requested a collaboration between El Perro and Christian Martinoli, two of the main storytellers in the national media who have had a “rivalry” with the public in recent years.

In the hours leading up to Christmas, the commentator revealed how he celebrated Christmas Eve in a posh restaurant. He also sent a message to all of his followers: “To all of you who do me the favor of following me, I wish you that God will give you health in this difficult time, Merry Christmas!” Said the TUDN member.

“We must not forget that we are celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ, who has come to give his blessed blood for our salvation!” He emphasized the dog on his official Twitter account on these December dates.

The Christmas outfit that the Bermúdez dog bragged about caused quite a stir on the Internet

Bermúdez painted the coat of arms of the Jalisco institution in the center of his characteristically shaved head (Photo: Twitter / @ TUDN)

Bermúdez has been one of the most active commentators and has been the cause of the most media noise in recent weeks. Enrique stood out for his story in the grand finale of the Scream Mexico Opening 2021 tournament, in which Los Rojinegros del Atlas defeated La Fiera del Lion. The narrator is one of the most famous fans of the Guadalajara team and his championship after 71 years sparked the dog’s euphoria.

His story of the last criminal of the foxes, set to music by Julio Furch, moved thousands of viewers. His celebration with clenched fists and a smile that caught the cameras sparked various reactions on social networks.

After completing and amid the various analyzes of the sports programs, the dog moved back into focus after having painted the Jalisco institution’s coat of arms in the center of its characteristically shaved head. The narrator did so because he promised days before the finale that he would paint himself in the academy’s colors if the foxes elevated the title.

It seems that the Rojinegros Championship is one of Bermúdez’s Christmas wishes and he hopes that many more dreams can come true in the next year.


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