The Cat in the Hat Makes the Rounds in Twin Falls, ID

This cat comes around.

Kelton Hatch, former Idaho Fish and Game spokesperson, once told a story about cats. He told me that a study conducted in New York City tracked the animals’ movements. Some were discovered to be up to 30 blocks a night away. We are talking about city blocks! It’s a big territory.If you see him out and about again, please let me know.

I suppose the cat in the hat has the same genetic tendency to wander.

The day I first spotted him was in the northwest of the city. West of Washingtonstrasse. It was the day after a garage sale in the same house. I chalked it up to the cat that doesn’t sell.

When we drove home on Madrona Street on Monday, there was the same damn cat. Or I think it’s the same cat. Unless there’s a cats in the hat epidemic all over town. A colleague told me on Tuesday that he was talking to other Dr. Seuss has discovered characters in town. I don’t know what’s going on here. Nope! Nope! Nope!

A few years ago, you may remember a number of sculptures that popped up around Twin Falls. One is based on the device from the original Time Machine film. In another location, an indigenous warrior was depicted on a horse.

The cat in the hat is not quite as classy. After all, he is tied to the street sign for Madrona and Targhee Drive. At his previous location, he was standing in a car. Next, I expect to see him in a sandpit (don’t let your kids dig there if it happens!) If you see him out and about again please let me know.

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